Track Partnerships & Marketing

Consolidate Your Performance Reporting

Get a clear picture on how your efforts drive revenue:

Measure engagement, conversions, and retention
Use first-touch attribution for top-of-funnel sources
→ Analyze your customers and what influences them

Track Each Channel The Right Way

Direct Linking

Track users from any channel when they reach your website.

View-Through Attribution

Track impressions and what happens post view.

Unique QR Code

Track offline-to-online sources and partners.

Coupon Code Tracking

Reward influencers whenever their unique codes are used.

App Tracking

Track performance from every mobile partner.

Direct Linking

Track Every Channel The Same Way

Track and provide attribution for every partner and channel. Start tracking users when they reach your website using a simplified method similar to the UTM tracking method used by Google Analytics.

How Direct Linking Benefits You:

Consolidates reporting from every marketing channel that drives performance.

Receive the full SEO value from your partner’s links.

Reliable tracking that doesn’t use discontinued third party cookies.

Provides a friendly user experience as partners link directly to your website.

QR Codes

Drive Growth From Offline Channels

The impact of COVID has intertwined the interaction between offline and digital, and there have never been better opportunities for expanding offline partnerships. Easily generate unique QR tracking codes for every partner that drives users to your website, and track their conversions back to those partners.

How QR Code Tracking Benefits You:

Track performance from offline partners, CTV (Roku, smart TVs, etc.), and video advertising.

Opens up offline opportunities for unconventional and untapped partnerships, such as “brick and mortar” store sales.

Unlocks more promotional methods for partners, such as in-banner QR codes.

Coupons & Tracking URLs

Ramp Up Results From Influencers

Unique coupon codes are the best way to track influencer performance. Whenever their code is used, that partner will automatically receive credit for driving the sale. When the coupon is assigned, you’ll be able to generate a unique URL for social media and video promotions.

How Better Coupon Code Tracking Benefits You:

Provide the easiest method for influencers to promote you across their social channels.

Generate user-friendly tracking URLs that are perfect for video and audio formats.

Protect yourself from coupon misuse with Click-To-Conversion Time reports and alerts.

App Tracking & SKAN Attribution

Consolidate Digital And Mobile Analytics

The majority of consumers nowadays are interacting through their phones first, so you need to be able to track that performance. Effective mobile tracking requires a completely different set of capabilities than desktop tracking. You need a platform built to handle postbacks, user agents and IP addresses, and granular reporting.

How Mobile Tracking Works:

For mobile web, track via direct linking and postback to your advanced partners.

For in-app, fully connect to MMP partners to receive all key data points with every conversion.

For iOS, run your campaigns in a fully SKAdNetwork compliant framework, receive postbacks directly, and deliver them to any additional connected partners.

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