Agency Action Plan

Accelerate Agency Growth Faster

How can Everflow speed up growth for your clients and your agency?

Tracking and analyzing all performance marketing channels from one platform, pulling actionable client report data, and quickly optimizing toward what delivers revenue are just a few of the many ways our platform will turbocharge your agency's growth.

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Maximize revenue across all channels with comprehensive management of partnerships, precise tracking, insightful attribution, and automated analytics.

Your Comprehensive Action Plan To Help Clients Grow

Step 1

Take Inventory Of Current Challenges

Choosing a new platform for managing your clients is a big decision. Upgrading to a new platform needs to save you time, provide better client insights, or unlock new opportunities for growth.

Ask yourself:

Would I be able to offer more services if I could track the performance from every channel?

Would better reporting impress my clients or enhance optimization?

Am I wasting time in spreadsheets because I can't view the data effectively to make decisions?

Step 2

Get A Complete Perspective With All-In-One Performance Tracking

From media buying and affiliate promotion to referrals, you’ll easily uncover the value of your total marketing efforts and client channels by accessing all actionable data in one location.

Everflow Agency Dashboard
Benefit from a single login and dashboard for agencies that provides an easy way to see and manage your internal and client efforts.

Step 3

Expand Your Service Offerings

The Everflow platform provides the structure to grow a new revenue stream through easy-to-use tracking and reporting solutions.

Having access to powerful and flexible tracking means you can support driving performance from more types of partnerships.

Agency Certification:
Get Everflow certified to stand out to potential clients!

Step 4

Grow With Integrations

The most effective agency customers utilize Everflow's integrations to work faster and optimize performance for internal efforts and client campaigns.

Everflow integrations are easy to set up and allow your agency to boost performance by pulling in key data from your favorite tech tools into your Everflow instance.

Step 5

Easily Onboard New Partners & Provide Transparency With Partner Dashboards

Onboard your partners and provide them with dashboard access, powerful reporting, and transparency into program activity.

Best of all, you’ll own your relationships with a complete ecosystem for partner promotion, performance tracking, and payment processing.

Step 6

Test To Make Sure Everything Is Ready For Launching

If partners promote your clients' offers but cannot see their results, their motivation will fizzle out.

Our onboarding team, including a CS team member dedicated solely to working with agencies, will support you by testing the most common setup issues.

Step 7

Find Relevant Publisher Partners By Promotion Type

Everflow provides two powerful ways for agencies to discover proven partners to grow client campaigns.

Our marketplace is a directory of vetted publisher partners. Quickly filter through partners to fill any promotional gaps for your clients (whether that is more content sites, emailers, media buyers, influencers, etc.)

Step 8

Build Relevant Reports & Schedule Them For Clients

Taking your marketing efforts from good to great requires knowing exactly what drives success.

You'll have access to cross-channel reporting that will make it easy to dive into what is and isn’t working from every channel, and to identify and eliminate underperforming traffic sources.

Customize reports to fit your needs, and then schedule them to be sent automatically to your clients.

Step 9

Get Your Payments Managed By The Everflow Team

With Managed Payments, we take care of all essential payment-related tasks for your clients’ affiliate and partner programs, including collecting payment information, generating invoices, scheduling, and processing payments.

Save hours spent on paperwork and start focusing your team’s energy and resources on growing your clients’ programs.

Hear From Our Customers

"Everflow customers running on 29 Next will likely see a higher average order value due to how our orchestration is set up for upsell flows and payment methods."

Brett Bond

29 Next

”Everflow is the cleanest and most efficient tracking platform out there, bar none.”

Patrick Franklin


"What I love about working with Everflow is that the product itself provides virtually all of the data and views I would want to see, for nearly every situation."

Lara Zielin

Lucha Digital

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