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Pave your path to faster scale by building out your white-label platform to manage all types of advertiser campaigns, granular data analysis, partner recruitment, and fraud prevention.

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Your Comprehensive Action Plan To Grow Your Network

Step 1

Evaluate Your Network's Needs

The first step in upgrading to a new platform requires determining which of your needs are limiting growth.

Here are the some of the most common reasons why networks switch to Everflow:

They want easy access to expert support when they run into any issues.

They're tired of platform outages.

They never want to spend another hour in a spreadsheet creating pivot tables.

They want to automate their time-consuming optimization tasks.

They want to leverage integrations for taking more opportunities, quicker.

Step 2

Schedule Your Everflow Demo

Our website provides a small glimpse into how we can help accelerate your growth through partnerships and better tracking.

The best way to see where we can help your specific business needs is through a consultative demo with our team. You can request now, and keep reading in the meantime:

Step 3

Want Training and Dedicated Support? Use Everflow Plus

Everflow Plus is our white-glove service that provides extra resources for taking your program from pre-launch to scale.

All Everflow customers have access to a stellar customer support, but Everflow Plus takes that support to the next level.

Step 4

Customize Your
White-Label Platform

Unlike competitor platforms, Everflow allows you to create a truly customized experience for your affiliates, advertisers, influencers, and all key partners.

In just a few steps, you'll be able to create all necessary partner-facing materials including branded signup pages, legal forms, and partner dashboards.

Step 5

Set Up Clients Faster With Integrations

The most effective agency customers utilize Everflow's integrations to work faster and optimize performance for internal efforts and client campaigns.

Integrations are easy to set up and allow your agency to boost performance by pulling in key data from your favorite tech tools into your Everflow instance.

Step 6

Use Tools To Scale Offers & Fight Fraud

There's a lot more to an offer than payout and creatives.

Everflow allows you to optimize the performance of affiliate, lead generation, mobile, and all offer types with time-saving rules and automations.

Step 7

Set Up Alerts & Dynamic Messaging To Automate Communication

With Everflow, you can use two tools to automate routine, partner-related communications.

Communicating with your partners, and communicating with your team about partner activity, doesn't have to totally consume your time anymore.

Step 8

Make Sure Your Network Is Ready To Launch

Ensuring everything is running smoothly and setting scalable processes from the start will set your program up to grow faster.

Our onboarding team will first provide guidance on best integrations, automations, and processes to scale your program -- based on your niches, verticals, and network strengths.

Step 9

Recruit More Advertiser & Publisher Partners Into Your Network

Everflow provides two powerful ways for agencies to discover proven partners to grow client campaigns.

Marketplace is an easily-searchable directory of vetted advertising and publishing partners located inside the Everflow dashboard.

EF Match (Everflow Plus)
With EF Match, our team will dive into your client campaigns and find advertising and publisher partners that have a record of success in your key niches and verticals.

Step 10

Get Reporting That Was Designed For Ad Networks

When you're managing multiple campaigns at scale, deep and simple reporting is essential.

Make optimization decisions quickly in the platform by drilling into your performance on the placement-level, and stop wasting countless hours with spreadsheets and pivot tables.

You'll have clear reporting for day-to-day management and deep reports for uncovering issues when incidents like fraud flare up.

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