Scale Lead Gen Campaigns

Streamline Your Lead Generation

Forge a path to frequent higher-value leads:

Track from lead form starts through approvals
Analyze your granular data without spreadsheets
→ Manage all lead gen campaigns from one platform

Focus On Generating Profitable Leads

See Full Lead Cycle

Track and pay on lead form starts, submits, and approvals.

Pay Affiliates With Ease

Tie payout to what earns revenue, automate generating invoices & pay.

Analyze Granular Data

Say goodbye to pivot tables with drill-down reports across all metrics.

Pay-Per-Call Integrations

Consolidate data from Ringba, Invoca, Retreaver or Phonexa.

Curated Marketplace

Connect to relevant affiliates that drive the kind of traffic you're looking for.

Full Lead Cycle

Track & Pay On The Stages Of Your Leads

Not all leads are the same. Start tracking the entire relevant user journey from engagement, to starting lead flow, through lead approval. Align your affiliate payouts to what drives your revenue, and incentivize them to scale their best traffic.

How Tracking The Lead Cycle Benefits You:

Get a clear picture into your metrics from engaged users through to approved leads.

Use a payout structure which ties majority of payout to approved leads.

Optimize affiliates and placements towards higher approval rates.

Empower media buying platforms to auto-optimize towards high-quality leads by sending attribution on high-value events

Clear Granular Analytics

Easily Pivot Data Without Spreadsheets

Lead generation campaigns live and die by your ability to clearly understand your best lead sources from under-performers. Use dimensional analytics reporting as a real-time pivot table to view your data across all of the parameters and metrics that matter for your business.

How Granular Analytics Benefits You:

Make it easy to understand your performance by placement, GEO, device, etc.

Receive any additional data under sub1-sub5 placeholders and filter down your data across those metrics.

Save countless hours by making informed decisions inside the platform without needing to master spreadsheet pivot tables.

Pay-Per-Call Integrations

Track All The Way From Ad Click To Call

Much of your lead's journey happens before and after the call. Track ads, landers, pull in call data from your PPC platform, and use that data to optimize your ad campaigns and revenue.

How Integrated Pay-Per-Call Benefits You:

Connect your existing pay-per-call platform tracking calls and data: Ringba, Invoca, Retreaver and Phonexa.

Connect your anti-fraud and LMS tools: Anura, 24Metrics, Lead Prospect, Active Prospect, and more.

Push all of your click and call attribution data into your media buying platforms.

Media Buying Integrations

Optimize Media Buying Using Your Attribution

Capture first-party attribution on your websites and apps, rather than relying on external ad platform numbers. Use our integrations to push your data to the ad platform and have it optimize around this trusted data. Scale up your affiliates by passing their media buying attribution data directly to their ad platforms as well.

Why Our Media Buying Integrations Benefit You:

Track all of your performance from Google AdsFacebook, and TikTok.

Automatically push all of your conversion and event data into the ad platforms and set values that let them auto-optimize their results.

Help your affiliates scale their own media buying campaigns by giving them reliable, real-time attribution data so they know their best performing placements.

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