B2B Partnerships Action Plan

Drive Revenue and Partner-Led Growth

Does your company believe in partnerships achieving their growth goals?

Start tracking every partnership activity, attribute engagement, pipeline, retention and partner-led expansion, and execute powerful reports that prove the ROI from partnerships.

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Your Comprehensive Action Plan To Grow Your Sales

Step 1

Identify Quick Wins

Partnerships can consistently deliver your highest value customers but sometimes it takes running a marathon before they start generating results.

Find the untapped partnership opportunities at your company:

Can I start recruiting our happy customers as referral partners?

Are there existing review websites or marketplaces that we can start tracking and build up a deeper relationship?

Do we have any integrations or agencies where we're aligned as better together?

Step 2

Schedule Your Everflow Demo

Our website provides a small glimpse into how we can help accelerate your growth through better tracking and management tools for your partnerships.

The best way to see where we can help your business is through a consultative demo with our team:

Step 3

Track The Full Impact From Partners

Partnerships provide a layer of trust and deliver higher quality leads. Start tracking events for:

Partner-Led Engagement - Is your partner's traffic visiting the pricing page, scrolling pillar blog content, or signing up for your newsletter?

Partner-Led Pipeline - Track how your partnership leads progress into customers, and accelerate by paying at multiple stages.

Partner-Led Expansion - Use analytics that show how partner-sourced customers outperform other channels in LTV and paid upgrades.

Step 4

Looking For The Easiest Way To Launch? Try Everflow Plus

Everflow Plus is our white glove service that provides extra resources for taking your program from pre-launch to scale.

All Everflow customers have access to stellar customer support, but Everflow Plus takes that support to the next level.

Step 5

Connect Your CRM, Payments, And Tech Stack

Connect your CRM, CDP, and payment solutions to get everything you need to launch quickly.

Customize to your business needs by connecting additional tools using our full access API and clear documentation.

Step 6

Expand Your Partnerships

Onboard your strategic partners, agency partners, happy customers and other referral partners.

Learn what co-marketing and co-sell activities drive the highest impact in conversions, upsells, and retention. And then scale those that contribute towards your KPIs goals.

Expand by recruiting review websites, existing article mentions, and discovering relevant affiliates in our marketplace (driving leads through media buying, email, or whatever channel you want to ramp up.)

Step 7

Customize & Schedule Your Reporting

Some of the most common challenges we hear about from partnership teams are around telling their stories internally and showing the value of their efforts.

Set up your tracked events to show how partnerships influence engagement, deliver leads that convert, and ultimately expand into larger revenue opportunities.

Customize your reports to provide the top-level data your exec team needs to understand what has been driven by partnerships, and schedule those reports to automatically update them on a regular basis.

Step 8

Set Payment Terms & Pay Your Partners

Most B2B partnerships are less about the payment and more about the strategic payment, but nothing burns bridges like missing payments.

Set your partners with clear payment terms, automatically generate invoices for them, and make it a breeze to get them paid.

Step 9

Uncover And Scale Your Top Performers

Partnerships is all about focusing on what is working, as the number of potential opportunities is near infinite.

Start analyzing the value of each partner and decide how you'll spend your time and resources.

When you have data on both pipeline and engagement, you'll know the partners that drive immediate revenue and which ones have the highest potential for developing into top performers.

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