E-Commerce Action Plan

Get Better Results From Affiliates And Marketing

What will make your program more successful?

Scope out your plan to be competitive, make sure everything is ready for launching, recruit relevant performance-based partners, and optimize effectively.

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Your Comprehensive Action Plan To Grow Your Sales

Step 1

Scope Out Your Program

Before starting a partner program, make sure you're starting with everything you need to make your program successful.

Ask yourself:

What will make my program interesting and exciting for partners to promote?

What is a competitive payout that will work for my margins?

What kinds of internal resources do I need to make this program successful?

Step 2

Schedule Your Everflow Demo

Our website provides a small glimpse into how we can help accelerate your growth through partnerships and better tracking.

The best way to see where we can help your specific business needs is through a consultative demo with our team. You can request now, and keep reading in the meantime:

Step 3

Looking For The Easiest Way To Launch? Choose Everflow Plus

Everflow Plus is our white glove service that provides extra resources for taking your program from pre-launch to scale.

All Everflow customers have access to stellar customer support, but Everflow Plus takes that support to the next level.

Step 4

Go Beyond Affiliates By Tracking Everything

Direct Linking tracks users when they reach your website. This tracking method opens up massive opportunities because it allows you to seamlessly track every channel, including Facebook and Google Ads, and have consolidated reporting for all of your performance.

Setting up Direct Linking is easy. You can do it instantly for our integrated shopping carts, or place two JS tags for all other types of websites.

Step 5

Use Integrations To Connect Your Tech Stack

Our most successful customers use Everflow as their centralized hub for all of their marketing efforts that drive ROI. The more data received into the platform, the more informed your decisions will be.

Step 6

Manage More Types Of Partners

The affiliate channel is well known for being one of the most cost-effective marketing channels available, delivering customers at your desired CPA.

Having access to powerful and flexible tracking methods means you can drive performance from more types of partnerships including influencers, customers, offline placements, apps, media buying and strategic partners.

Step 7

Set Up A Coupon Strategy And Defenses

How do you protect your program from Coupon Poaching?

Use our Click-To-Conversion Time reports and implement rules to understand who really deserves credit. If a user grabs a coupon code and completes a purchase in the manner described above, then the length of time between the initial click and conversion (i.e. the purchase) would be unnaturally short and therefore not worthy of attribution.

Step 8

Get Ready For Launch

Everything needs to work before you activate your partners. If your partners promote your offer, and don't see any results from their efforts, their motivation to continue will die quickly. Our onboarding team will support you with testing the most common setup issues.

Step 9

Recruit Partners Into Your Program

At this point, you'll be ready to start growing your partnerships.

Always keep in mind for partners that are only paid when they drive results - they are taking on the risk. Testing and promoting your offer takes time, effort, and if they buy media, money. You need to make it easy for them to get started, provide the resources they need to be successful, and offer an enticing payout that will reward them for ramping up their efforts.

Step 10

Understand What Drove Results

Once your partners are delivering sales on a regular basis, it's time to evaluate and invest in building your best performing channel. You need to identify your top performers and spend the time building deeper relationships with them.

Get a platform that makes understanding your data simple and start making data-supported decisions towards how you scale your channels towards expanding revenue.

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