Direct Linking

Track Traffic Accurately to Scale Performance

Start tracking users from the minute they reach your website using direct linking – a method similar to the UTM tracking method from Google Analytics.

With consolidated tracking for all partners and channels, it’s simple to compare engagement and performance metrics and then make strategic decisions that deliver better results.

Everflow's Direct Linking

Send Traffic Directly To Your Sites

All traffic reaches your website without any stops along the way, avoiding tracking leakage.

Simple Tracking For Every Partner

Track all channels and performance marketing partners including affiliates, influencers, internal media buying activities.

Consolidate Reporting From Every Channel

See all of your in-depth reporting in one place to analyze and optimize your marketing performance with ease.

Provide A Great User Experience

Traffic arrives at your website, without pesky redirects, ensuring a seamless experience and reliable user tracking for all traffic.

Get Full SEO Value From Partners

Partners feature links straight to your website, providing full SEO value from quality publishers promoting your campaigns.

Reliable Tracking Without Third-Party Cookies

Track users using first-party cookies that are compliant with privacy requirements, instead of unreliable third-party cookies.

Track All Users

Everflow's Direct Linking To See Better Results

By tracking users from the moment they land on your site, you'll gain valuable insights about their engagement, attribute conversions to the right channels, and be able to make informed decisions towards scaling your marketing initiatives.

How Direct Linking Traffic Benefits You

Outdated tracking methods using redirects and third-party cookies are now blocked by major browsers. Direct linking offers reliable tracking without the privacy concerns or reporting discrepancies, ensuring a better user experience.

Imagine the growth potential when tracking and attributing all channels, including Google Ads and top social platforms, seamlessly in one dashboard.

With consolidated performance reporting, direct linking lets you make data-driven decisions to enhance campaigns instantly, opening new avenues for your business.

Ready To Scale Faster Through Better Tracking?

The team at Everflow is here to help you employ direct linking to drive traffic straight to your site, allowing you to track everything in one place.