Integrations & Automations

Do More With Fewer Resources

Streamline your growth initiatives:

Connect and leverage your tech stack
Generate invoices and easily pay partners
→ Set rules to auto-optimize and block fraud

Automate Your Data Into Action

Shopping Cart Setups

Quickly activate tracking Shopify, BigCommerce, and more.

Powerful Integrations

Instantly connect your CRMs, CDP, anti-fraud tools, contracts, and more.

Payment Processing

Pay your partners at scale with full compliance.


Set KPI-based rules for notifications and blocking traffic.

Targeting Optimization

Make sure that every click goes to the right offer.

Shopping Cart Setups

Connect Your Store And Start Tracking Within A Few Clicks

Get your eCommerce store fully connected for tracking clicks and conversions from every partner and channel within minutes. Our integrations instantly install your Direct Linking tracking, which means you can start launching partners and traffic channels right away.

How Our Shopping Cart Integrations Benefit You:

Easily activate Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and ClickBank integrations.

Seamlessly track clicks, conversions and events from all sources across your store.

Never rely on unreliable third-party cookies that lead to tracking leakages.

Easily connect to any of your client’s stores.

Powerful integrations

Connect Critical Data From Your Entire Tech Stack

Each of your marketing initiatives influence each other. You need a platform that is built to take in data from all of your initiatives and make it actionable. Our powerful integrations enable pulling in the data you need from CRMs and CDPs, and the ability to push out performance data for optimizing channels like Facebook.

Powerful Integrations Open Up Opportunities:

Hubspot and Salesforce integrations: Track and reward partners based on lead status.

Anti-fraud integrations: Layer on fraud detection and use it for auto-optimization.

Payment and Compliance integrations: Efficiently scale your partnerships globally.

Auto Optimize With SmartSwitch

Set KPI-Based Rules That Auto-Optimize Your Traffic

When you're ready to make your program more advanced, you can use SmartSwitch to automatically optimize your program. You can easily set rules to make sure that you never receive traffic from low-quality sources, which makes a huge impact on your overall performance.

KPI-Rules For Great Automation Results:

Stop blended incentives by blocking high CVR placements.

Take action on your anti-fraud integration by blocking any placement with a high fraud flag rate.

Get notified whenever any placement is delivering low event rates from conversions.

Targeting Optimization With Smart Links

Maximize The Value From Your Traffic

Make sure that every click you receive is being sent to the right campaign. Using Smart Links, you can make sure that users are sent an offer or landing page that matches their country, city, language, device, and more. You can even send outliers that don’t meet your own targeting requirements to external advertising partners.

How Smart Links Benefit You:

Everflow’s Smart Links check the targeting requirements on each of your offers and then send users to the first eligible offer.

Automatically send traffic to your best performing landing pages based on a daily sampling test.

Send users to another offer whenever you run out of inventory or budget.

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