Everflow Certification Program

Get Certified To Maximize Client & Company Success

Everflow Certification courses prepare you to manage performance marketing initiatives such as affiliate, influencer, and media buying programs, using Everflow – the industry’s most advanced Partner Marketing Platform.

Everflow Certified Platform Fundamentals Course

This six-section course covers the fundamentals of using the Everflow platform, with a focus on how to use and/or execute the following features and actions:

Introduction To Everflow

Creating An Offer

Adding A New Partner

Billing Settings For Partners

Reporting & Analytics

Additional Features

Certification Progression

As you progress through certification courses, you’ll earn additional recognition in line with your experience and expertise. 

Get certified, capitalize on your experience, and get recognized as an expert!

Platform Fundamentals

Availability: Open now for enrollment.

Eligibility: Everflow Agencies & users only.

Requirements: Complete the course and pass the course test.

Partner Program Specialist

Availability: Launches in Q3 2024

Eligibility: Advanced course. Open for anyone with Platform Fundamentals certification only.

Requirements: Complete the course and assessments, plus verifiable experience managing a partner program for at least one year.

Platform Expert

Availability: Launches in Q4 2024

Eligibility: Everflow will identify throughout the year candidates with a success track record managing programs on the Everflow platform, while exhibit the highest standard of excellence and customer satisfaction.