How Do We Know Partnerships Work?
It's How We've Grown

We're a profitable bootstrapped company grown through happy customers and referrals.

Trusted By Top Companies

Our Success Story

Everflow was founded in May 2016. Our founders had wrapped up a successful exit for one of the very first mobile affiliate networks, Moolah Media.

No one had built a truly great tracking and partner management platform. Having already built these solutions for themselves, they had a direct path to build a SaaS platform that solved these needs and won early customers.

How have we had smooth upward growth ever since as a bootstrapped company?

We've built a great solution and made customer success our core DNA and product refinement loop, which directly led to happy customers. Joyful customers and deep partnerships bring trust, awareness, and referrals that outperform all of our other channels. Thanks customers, we ❤️ you!

Our Customers See Results

Trusted Brands
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Meet The Exec Team

Sam Darawish
CEO & Co-Founder
Kanwar Dhaliwal
COO & Co-Founder
Jonathan Blais
CTO & Co-Founder
Olga Sadkova
VP of Finance
Peter Kurjanowicz
Sr. Director of Customer Growth
Hugo Migneron
VP of Engineering
Curt Frieden
VP of Business Development
Genevieve Finck
VP of Customer Success
Michael Cole
VP of Marketing
Ross Moore
Director of U.S. Sales
Edgardo Ceballos
Head of Partnerships

Contact Us

San Francisco Office
530 Showers Drive Suite 7-302 Mountain View, CA 94040
Montréal Office
4115 St Laurent Blvd Ste 200 Montreal, QC H2W 1Y8 Canada
Amsterdam Office
Herengracht 449A 1017 BR AMSTERDAM
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