Coupon Code Tracking

Track & Optimize Performance From Influencers

Custom coupon codes are the most effective method for tracking influencer performance and provide the easiest way for them to promote your brand.

With Everflow’s easily-shareable coupon codes and tracking URLs, influencers and other content creators can promote your brand via YouTube, podcast, Tik Tok, or any other favorite medium. Whenever an influencer’s code is used, they will automatically receive credit for driving the sale.

Everflow's Coupon Code Tracking

Remove Barriers To Conversion

Provide easily-shareable coupon codes to influencers, the simplest way to promote campaigns across social channels.

Generate User-Friendly Tracking URLs

Create unique and customizable tracking URLs for each coupon code that you create (perfect for sharing in video and audio formats).

Protect Yourself From Coupon Poaching

Ensure your influencers receive credit for all they do to drive sales, so they keep providing you with excellent results, regardless of coupon usage.

Generate Coupon Codes

Replace Affiliate Links With Shareable Coupon Codes

Confusing and unnatural affiliate links present significant barriers to easy conversion and proper attribution for influencers and content creators.

Everflow’s Coupon Codes can reduce churn and retention costs by keeping more influencers excited to be part of your program.

Once you generate your code, influencers can promote your campaign across all platforms. They'll get credit for all sales they bring, not just the direct ones. Each coupon code comes with an easily shareable, customizable tracking URL for their audience.

Everflow's Click-To-Conversion Time reports and alerts guard against coupon poaching, where last-minute shoppers grab codes from coupon sites, guaranteeing precise tracking and attribution.

Clearer influencer performance data from Coupon Code tracking lets you spot overlooked sale drivers, turning them into pivotal partners for your program's revenue growth.

Ready To Fortify Your Influencer Tracking For Optimal Results?

The team at Everflow is here to help you implement Coupon Code tracking to strengthen influencer efforts across your entire affiliate program.