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The Reward Collection

Connect with passionate consumers to drive conversions on your exclusive Card Linking offers.

The Reward Collection

The Reward Collection connects brands with millions of customers worldwide through card-linked offers and partnerships with top loyalty publishers, driving increased traffic, footfall, and sales. By curating exclusive offers and providing personalized recommendations, they enhance the shopping experience and boost conversion rates. Leveraging an extensive consumer network and data-driven strategies, The Reward Collection helps brands attract and retain loyal customers, creating significant value and visibility in the affiliate marketing ecosystem.


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What Is TRC? 

We are the world's largest broker of Card Linking and Open Banking offers.

What Makes TRC Better Than The Competition? 

We have the largest book of merchant content and the highest closed customer reach in the world for Card Linking and Open Banking offers. Around 700 Merchants from single sites to Enterprise size, with a global reach of over 410 million customers in various countries around the world.

How Does TRC Connect With Everflow Clients? 

TRC features on the Everflow Marketplace and offers an alternate and diverse option to get the largest brands in the world in front of over 400 million closed user apps of the biggest banks and employee platforms in the world, seamlessly in one place, flowing through the Everflow network.

How Does TRC Help Everflow Clients Meet Their Performance Marketing Goals Faster? 

With Card Linking and Open Banking, TRC can get Everflow brands boarded and live and in front of the right audience and demographic within days. This will be done on the closed loyalty banks and EB apps with additional push, over lock screen notifications, hero banners, thumbnail mainstays, solus email additions, and welcome email notifications, all free and included in the cashback total offered.

Please Share An Example Of An Everflow Client That You Have Helped Produce Strong Results.

We are new to Everflow but already have 3 brands that want to broaden out into the CLO and Open Banking arena, with 6 and 7-figure sums forecasted for some of the brands available through the EF network.

How Has Your Experience Been Working With The Everflow Team? 

Sublime. From the minute we met Dani, Drew, and the team, it was clear they were a tour de force in terms of forward-thinking, innovative, and open to ‘out of the box’ additions and strings to the ever-growing Everflow bow. It has been a pleasure thus far and we can't wait to develop the partnership, add some real value to the Everflow offering, and continue the strong start.

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