Unique QR Codes

Track Conversions From Offline Channels To Drive Growth

Don't limit yourself to online campaign growth. Scale offline channels by generating unique QR codes for every partner driving results.

Each QR code that you create will have a custom tracking link that allows you to dive deeper into the performance from all marketing activities, enabling you to be able to track revenue from conferences, signage, classes, or any other offline opportunity.

Unique QR Codes

Expand Growth Via Offline Channels

Drive conversions through new offline campaigns to accelerate growth with the same seamless ease as traditional online campaigns.

Track Performance From Offline Partners

Monitor clicks, sales, and events from offline channels to accurately attribute and scale more partners driving conversions to your campaigns.

Promote Campaigns Everywhere

Discover new avenues for more revenue by promoting your campaign on physical goods, billboards, signage, or CTV (Roku, smart TVs, etc.).

Track QR Codes

Use Everflow’s QR Codes To Track & Scale Offline Campaigns

QR codes are more commonplace than ever, after proving useful to businesses trying to remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic. More consumers than ever before are willing to scan a QR code when out and about, creating enormous opportunities for driving traffic via offline promotions.

Everflow’s unique QR codes are easy to generate for each partner that drives users to your website.

Everflow's QR codes let you promote campaign links on almost anything, from physical goods to billboards, or any surface that can display your unique code.

In addition to increasing revenue by tracking offline efforts, you’ll discover unconventional new partners who are capable of producing strong results.

With Everflow’s QR codes, links to your campaigns can be promoted on practically anything imaginable, including physical goods, billboards, or any other item that can fit your one-of-a-kind code.

Ready To See More Conversions From Offline Partnerships?

The team at Everflow is here to help you make QR codes a bigger part of your program to expand your growth opportunities offline.