What Makes A Lead Generation Agency Successful with Cameron Gilmore

We sat down with Cameron Gilmore of Blue Fire Leads to discuss the winning strategies of a lead generation agency.‍‍
Michael Cole
March 29, 2023

Michael's Thoughts On This Chat

Traditional lead generation is a battlefield.

The advice from those that are successful here is such a clear distillation of the most battle-tested and true performance marketing lessons.

This was definitely true when I spoke with Cameron Gilmore of Blue Fire Leads on how they built up a successful lead gen agency.

He made a great point of why their success comes from their team understanding the data and knowing how to break it down into useful insights.

Their secret weapon for scaling campaigns with their lead buyers is that they understand the data better than the buyers. They then share these data insights with the buyer and work with them to help ramp up the buyer's spend on the best performing regions, cities, etc.

They find these insights by taking the time to break the data down using pivot tables and looking for interesting takeaways.

This fits within my favorite category of advice from these fireside chats:

Expert tactics that normally take a lot of effort to execute, which can be done with ease in your platform (our dimensional analytics tool for this one). It's always warmly validating that the features your team builds matter.

Cameron had a ton of other great advice that holds up for any vertical of performance marketing - check out the full conversation in the comments below.

As a side tangent: There is a great Radiolab episode about Argentinian ants that always sticks with me. These ants have now invaded all major continents and quickly outcompete the native ant species. This species of ant all came from a single basin that was regularly flooded, and the ants were forced to constantly battle only a tiny amount of dry land. It ended up creating a species of battle-hardened ant that developed unique traits like being able to recognize and trust their species whenever they run into them across the world.

Lead gen makes me think of these ants. It's so hyper-competitive and constantly changing, that it requires everyone involved to truly master performance marketing to be able to succeed long-term.

To see the full conversation:

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