How To Leverage Your Brand To Build A Better Affiliate Program with Wade Tonkin

Michael Cole

Michael's Thoughts On This Chat

It was a real pleasure to chat with Wade Tonkin on how he grew the Fanatics, Inc. affiliate program into a juggernaut.

You can learn a lot from the industry veterans that have maintained stellar reputations, especially when they've proven that a great affiliate program strategy can scale to nine figures in revenue.

Normally, I'd use this post as a chance to make some salient points, but honestly, just check out our full conversation for yourself.

He is great at making concise points about how to build affiliate programs to be successful.

We had so much to talk about that we ended up doing a follow-up chat focused on their conference strategy, which will be posted next week.

So, be on the lookout for that part two of our conversation.

To see the full conversation:

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