Get Ready for the 2020 Holidays with BigCommerce Tips

Ed Ceballos

It's easy to forget in this whirlwind of a year that the holiday season is rapidly approaching. Now is the time for our eCommerce clients to start taking the actions needed to ride the wave of upcoming demand during a year where eCommerce has already skyrocketed.

We are happy to be able to share tactical month-by-month tips (starting in August!) from our integrated partner, BigCommerce.

It's the right time to learn about the preparations to make, and how BigCommerce helps, now that we're listed in their app marketplace. It’s as easy as just a few clicks to connect to any BigCommerce store and activate your click and conversion tracking setup.

To access the 2020 Holiday Planning Guide click the image below:

Want to get started connecting to BigCommerce stores? Reach out to your Everflow account manager, or reach out via live chat, and we will provide the few easiest steps to get everything in place.

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