Skipping the Buffet Line: Curated Partner Introductions & Liquid Rise Media

Liquid Rise Media delivers impressive results for a variety of clients and has utilized curated partner introductions through the Preferred Partner Program from Everflow to grow even stronger.
Tony Cohn
March 29, 2023

On paper, it’s a dream meal. For a single price, you can enjoy a meal of steak, pizza, sushi, crab, french onion soup, and a hot fudge sundae!

Buffet food isn’t being cooked by Michelin-star chefs, and the fare is rarely spectacular. Post buffet, I often wonder why I didn't get something actually tasty, like a thin crust pizza from our favorite Sicilian restaurant, or savory Baja shrimp tacos from our go-to spot.

It’s so tempting to buy into the concept that "more is always better" -- a concept that is touted highly by most partner marketplaces.

Partner marketplaces with huge rosters sound appealing, yet often lead to your time being wasted on partners that aren’t the right fit, or can’t deliver on their promised value. In the end, like a buffet, clients are lured in by volume, yet leave unsatisfied.

To truly drive a business forward, a partner needs to have the expertise to fill the unique and critical needs of a business. Essentially, partner numbers don’t matter - fit does.

This is where Everflow’s Preferred Partner Program (PPP) comes into play. PPP services aren’t focused on how many partners a client can access, but rather on introducing hand-picked partners to meet their unique needs. This intentional matchmaking allows partners to deliver actual value.

Liquid Rise Media

Liquid Rise Media, a powerhouse marketing agency based in South Carolina, has been utilizing Everflow’s thoughtfully curated PPP introductions to help clients launch faster and expand into new performance channels.

Let’s dive into how quality PPP introductions empower Liquid Rise Media to deliver optimum client results.

“We Tell You What We Can Deliver and Deliver on That.”

Taken directly from their website, that statement above perfectly encapsulates Liquid Rise Media. It’s also refreshingly honest and completely valid. (They proudly claim to have never lost a client, btw.)

Since 2017, Liquid Rise Media has successfully helped businesses launch and scale in all major verticals through a holistic approach to digital marketing. The Liquid Rise team invests in the success of their clients and executes custom solutions based on thorough research, team experience, and client needs.

Regardless of which course of action that the Liquid Rise team chooses for a specific client, they always clearly define the scope, set measurable goals, and provide realistic expectations.

Just take a look at this blurb from their PPC solutions page:

Liquid Rise Media

Total transparency and crystal-clear expectations.

Multiple Trains Running On Time

Hunter Kinsella of Liquid Rise Media
Pictured: Hunter Kinsella, Founder, Liquid Rise Media

Founder Hunter Kinsella and the experienced team at Liquid Rise are well versed in all aspects of traditional digital marketing, including affiliate, PPC, SEO, mobile, and email marketing. However, the Liquid Rise team happily embraces emerging channels, too, including CTV and influencer marketing.

Whatever channels will help a client thrive, are the channels that the Liquid Rise team will use -- which often means executing a strategy in a different vertical and channel for each client.

As covered above, when a new strategy is deployed for a client, the Liquid Rise team has a clear set of goals to hit. Therefore, they want to ensure client campaigns get off to a fast start.

This is where Everflow’s PPP services provide value to the Liquid Rise team.

The ABC’s of PPP

The Preferred Partner Program (PPP) is a unique Everflow offering that provides custom-tailored introductions for clients to partners that can help grow their business.

When an Everflow client enrolls in PPP (a core part of Everflow Plus), their Everflow PPP manager begins the process of researching the client’s industry, competition, and of course unique value proposition. Multiple client meetings are included as well. After this process is complete, the PPP manager begins matching up partners from established relations created across all major verticals to best help the client meet their goals.

PPP matches can be publishers, agencies, advertisers, and essentially anyone who can help a client thrive. The partners of PPP are proven experts in their channels and verticals. Thus, PPP recommendations have been vetted in channels like co-reg and direct display, and are experts in standing out in crowded verticals like dating, CBD, gaming, and health/beauty.

Everflow clients don’t simply get a list of names with PPP, they get direct introductions to PPP partners via an Everflow team member. These introductions are beyond warm and are tailored to explain the benefits of working together to both parties, emphasizing each party’s main value proposition.

Included in PPP introductions is preferred contact information to continue the discussion, along with links to get started immediately working together. Of course, an Everflow PPP manager will be involved to help fix any solvable gaps in getting started.

The number of introductions varies, too, based on the client. The goal isn’t simply more introductions, but rather introductions to partners who’ve proven they can deliver results for that client - quality over quantity.

Liquid Rise Dines Well With PPP

As detailed above, Liquid Rise is a nimble agency that works with a wide variety of clients with unique needs.

When Liquid Rise came to Everflow in early 2021, they were seeking to grow their agency by strengthening their service offerings in the affiliate channel, as well as launching several new channels. As always, their goal is to deliver value to their clients, no matter the channel.

According to Kinsella, Liquid Rise’s on-demand nature makes it tough to find new partners to help fulfill their client’s initiatives and PPP allows them to establish a beneficial partnership fast for a new client.

“With PPP, you get right to the decision-maker, and can get right to business,” states Kinsella.

Through PPP, Liquid Rise continually receives introductions to quality partners, when strong fits emerge. The goal is always quality over quantity.

Since launching with Everflow, Liquid Rise has made the most of its PPP introductions.

A Few Recent Wins:

  • A leading rewards site (with seriously strong series A funding) introduced through PPP has helped Liquid Rise gain steady traffic via affiliate marketing programs in the uber-competitive pet food space. Customers arriving on ads via this traffic source are converting at an insane 45%.
  • A major technology-focused advertising agency (that has been featured in Forbes, the New York Times, The Atlantic, and the bright lights of the NYSE) is driving quality traffic to a Liquid Rise client in the natural health space. This PPP partner is bringing in a nice flow of sales at a $32 average value.
  • A pioneering gaming video ad platform introduced via PPP has brought in thousands of new users for a sleep aid product from Liquid Rise in just a few months.

Wins like these are made possible due to the skill of PPP partners in promoting specific products in specific verticals, and the know-how of the Liquid Rise team. Success via curation. Buffet line skipped.

What’s Next For Everflow and Liquid Rise?

According to Kinsella, Liquid Rise Media wants to continue to leverage Everflow’s PPP partners for new clients and to further enhance existing client success. And, of course, they are always looking for clients who are seeking to expand through digital marketing.

Like with PPP matches, it’s quality over quantity when it comes to who Liquid Rise chooses to work with.

“Though we work with bigger players like one hundred million dollar direct-to-consumer companies, we’re always open to clients who are passionate, have a strong value proposition, and trust the process of digital marketing,” adds Kinsella.

To learn more about Liquid Rise Media, visit https://liquidrisemedia.com.

To learn more about Everflow’s Preferred Partner Program, schedule a demo today at: https://www.everflow.io/demo.

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