Selling SEO for Agencies: Why You Should Partner with Neil Patel's Agency

Ashley Carrow

Agencies want what’s best for their clients, right? While your agency might be the G.O.A.T. of branding, creative, or web design, no one does it better than Neil Patel’s brand when it comes to SEO. So, in order to offer your client SEO services that match the level of your own expertise, you’re going to have to bring out the big guns.

There’s no reason to be modest here. Neil Patel’s agency, NPAccel, is the real deal. His brand ranks on Google for 1M+ keywords, with 25-40% of those ranking on page one. It’s safe to say NPAccel understands the Google game better than most. Furthermore, they drive 8M+ visitors per month to their website by practicing what they preach for their own brand. That’s the level of extraordinariness they’re aiming for with their clients.

We were jazzed at the opportunity to sit down and talk shop with two experts from NPAccel: Trent Mortensen, Director of Strategic Partnerships, and Matt Santos, Director of Digital Strategy. Check out Matt’s first appearance on our fireside chat series where he broke down the many secrets of planning an actual SEO strategy

On the surface, it looks like we’ve packaged a sales pitch in the form of a fireside chat, and then again in the form of this blog post. That’s not not the case. But the real gifts are in the nuance..

Here are some highlights from this conversation in which Matt and Trent share a little bit about their approach:

They stay in their lanes: SEO and CRO (mostly). Year over year, Google continues to improve their algorithm in an effort to improve user experience. With that, Google prioritizes websites that convert at a higher percentage. So, in addition to stellar search engine optimization, NPAccel offers a top-notch conversion rate optimization product. This means more qualified traffic as a result of SEO that converts at a higher rate as a result of CRO, which translates to improved ROI across the board as a result of higher order values and lower acquisition costs.

"There's a reason we don't do creative and branding and web design. We don't want to do what we do kind of well. We want to do what we do really well so that we leave those other verticals open for partnerships.” – Trent Mortensen

They focus on the long game. NPAccel is at the caliber they’re at because they don’t necessarily bother with quick wins. Success is inevitable, but not immediate. It takes time to learn about your business, products and services and to build the foundations for driving SEO results.

Their approach is intentional and strategic, focused on the goal of driving long-term ROI. Some clients take up to a year to see a meaningful impact, which makes agreed upon expectations critical for both sides to be aligned and patient enough for the eventual success.

Co-selling agency services drives results. Since Neil Patel’s brand is arguably the biggest in SEO, including them in your agency pitch peaks the curiosity of prospective clients whose business you're trying to win. NPAccel has built this into the approach by supplying its partners with effective emails, so that the partners can sell both agencies’ services at the same time. This is name-dropping at its finest.

Given the right circumstances, NPAccel can even help close deals with prospects. They offer immediate validation that on top of your own offerings, your prospect’s SEO or CRO goals will be addressed in a way that fits in well with their brand strategy.

For agencies looking to level up their clients’ businesses through the magical realms of search engine or conversion rate optimization, Neil’s your guy. If your agency could be a good fit for Neil Patel’s partner program, feel free to reach out to

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