Publisher Spotlight: Natural Intelligence

Natural Intelligence is a category-defining leader in the world of intent media, connecting consumers with brands through our comparison websites, and BestMoney.
Tony Cohn
January 5, 2024

What is Natural Intelligence?

Natural Intelligence is a category-defining leader in the world of intent media, connecting consumers with brands through our comparison websites, and BestMoney. Our sites connect millions of consumers with hundreds of top-tier brands worldwide, across over eighty different categories.

What Makes Natural Intelligence Better Than The Competition?

What sets Natural Intelligence apart is our cutting-edge technology platform, xMatch, fueled by AI and Machine Learning. xMatch maximizes marketing, monetization, and user experience efficiency. This technology seamlessly integrates to forge lasting, sustainable partnerships with advertisers – focused on achieving the KPIs defined for success by our esteemed partners. 

How Does Natural Intelligence Connect With Everflow Clients?

We utilize two different channels for identifying new relevant partnerships within Everflow. 

First and foremost, we utilize the Everflow marketplace for both sending and receiving connection requests and opening a line of communication. 

Another effective tool to identify new clients is a collaborative Slack channel. We share new verticals and relevant partners very frequently with the Everflow team, and are able to really expedite the “meet and greet” process to only a few hours/days. 

How Does Natural Intelligence Help Everflow Clients Meet Their Performance Marketing Goals Faster?

By delving into client objectives and expectations, we tailor campaigns to precise KPIs. We maintain constant communication, ensuring alignment throughout the scaling journey. With proactive strategies and bespoke solutions, we expedite success and drive results that elevate expectations.

Please Share An Example Of An Everflow Client That You Have Helped Produce Strong Results:

We worked with an Everflow client in the tax relief space to scale their relatively new program up to over several hundred leads per month, within a three-month period. We did this by looking closely at their quality metrics, keeping in close communication, and scaling while maintaining their quality targets. 

We used the Everflow reporting platform to look at daily traffic, clicks, and leads, and optimized our PPC campaign according to that. As we grew with the client, they allocated additional budget to our campaign, and we continued to grow their exposure. The end result was a partnership that will be long-lasting, based on mutual trust, sharing of data, and aligned goals.

How Has Your Experience Been Working With The Everflow Team?

Our journey with the Everflow team has been fantastic. They embody responsiveness and proactivity, consistently championing optimal partnerships between publishers and advertisers. It's a collaboration that thrives on mutual growth and success.

What Is Next For Natural Intelligence?

Natural Intelligence's next stride involves harnessing cutting-edge AI and other groundbreaking technologies to amplify our position as intent media trailblazers. Our expansion into new industries and global territories is set to paint a bigger picture of success, all while we continue to cultivate and deepen our invaluable partner relationships.

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