New Year's Resolutions: Optimizing Your Performance Funnel in 2023 with Kris Trujillo

Everflow's Tony Cohn sat down with Full Service Funnels' Owner Kris Trujillo to share key strategies to outfit your performance funnel for exponential Q1 sales.
Tony Cohn
March 29, 2023

Tony's Thoughts On This Chat

Kristoffer Trujillo is an industry staple.

If you've been to any affiliate or performance marketing event over the last ten years or so, you've likely ran into him, or heard him speak. He also used to have a very cool mohawk -- but I digress.

Now leading Full Service Funnels, Kris sat down with me a few weeks ago to discuss how his agency helps clients create higher-converting funnels and provided strategies for better funnels in 2023.

If you're in the performance marketing space, this Fireside Chat is worth a watch before the holidays end and you get back to work in Q1.

In this clip, Kris discusses how designing a funnel around your top products (a.k.a. anchor products) is a sound strategy for more sales.

To view the entire chat:

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