Everflow's Facebook Conversions API Integration

Tony Cohn

Through a mix of convenience, powerful audience targeting, and massive global access, Facebook continues to be a top choice for performance marketers (spend rose to $2.26 billion in 2020). Good for them.

Don’t get us wrong, the Everflow team is stoked for anyone thriving via Facebook.

We just think that it's time to throw out your cookies (as Facebook campaign tracking options) and take your Facebook campaign success to another level.

With our v2.9.2 release we added a feature that easily connects your campaigns in Everflow to the Facebook Conversions API.

In just a few short steps you’ll be able to utilize this powerful conversion tracking tool to run stronger FB campaigns with better data, speed, and the ability to track offline events--while eliminating the use of third-party cookies!

Beyond performance benefits, now is the ideal time to transition with Google, Facebook, and Apple killing off cookies over the next couple of years. Let’s “milk” this a little more below:

Just As Delicious: Run More Lucrative Campaigns Via FB’s CAPI Cookie-Less Tracking Method

Known by the cool kids (and Facebook) as “CAPI”, Facebook’s Conversions API is an invaluable tool that allows advertisers to route Facebook users to their sites and apps, fire server-side conversion events (vs. standard cookie-based events) and then feed event info directly into the Facebook ad platform.

Utilizing FB’s CAPI for conversion tracking immediately improves your campaign performance:

  • Offline Event Tracking: Such as QR code redemptions (a huge adoption surge with COVID-19)
  • Stronger Tracking: Customized pixels determine what you want to track vs. relying on FB’s options
  • Faster Loading Times: Cookie-less tracking means faster sites and apps
  • Future-proofing: Preparing your campaigns to function without cookies (soon to be relics of the past)
  • Better Data: You’ll still be able to collect some campaign data (even if a user opts out via cookie-based tracking)

Those are some tasty benefits!

Facebook Conversions API Integration: Baked With Love At Everflow

As shown above, CAPI can have a huge impact on your FB campaign results. Therefore, the Everflow development team has created an easy integration to connect your campaigns to CAPI. Follow the guidance below to integrate CAPI into your campaigns in minutes.

Let’s get cooking (that was our last cookie pun)!

Ready to Get Started? Integrate FB’s CAPI Easily With Everflow!

Integrating Facebook’s Conversion API into your campaigns with Everflow only requires a few quick actions.

Before you dive in, please note that your Facebook app needs to be updated to version 11 for the FB CAPI integration to function properly via Everflow.

To make things even easier, we’ve created a guide to walk you through the integration:

The Partner's Guide to Facebook Attribution is an easy read (less than ten minutes) and walks you through each step of the integration.

Basically, there are just four actions that you need to complete:

Step 1:
Create an app in Facebook and create a new system user

No alt text provided for this image

Step 2: Generate a new token

No alt text provided for this image

Step 3: Add your newly created Facebook app to your Everflow partner login

Step 4: Set up the Facebook pixel in Everflow

And, voila! You’re all set up! Make sure to follow along using our Partner's Guide to Facebook Attribution.

More Of A Video Tutorial Fan? We Got You!

Our tech team has created an extensive overview of FB’s CAPI integration and shows the integration process in Everflow via this video:

The Everflow Team Is Here To Help!

If you need assistance with CAPI integration, have questions about Facebook’s changes, or just want to ask us if we are fans of putting pineapple on pizza, the Everflow team is here for you! For assistance please contact your Everflow rep or reach out to schedule a demo today!

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