CandyCan Develops Brand Loyalty Through Subscription Tracking & Delicious Gummies

Learn how delicious (and healthy!) gummy snack company CandyCan created a steady flow of repeat customers via Everflow event tracking, rewarded traffic, and a ReCharge subscription integration.
Tony Cohn
March 29, 2023

Healthy And Tasty? These Snacks Are A Vibe.

Either snacks are amazing (Hello, 3:00 PM donuts) and destroy a diet, or are rice cakes.

Snacks create difficult decisions …until you dive into a bag of CandyCan gummies.

Described as “the world’s first snackable, functional candy company," CandyCan gummies are packed with thoughtfully-curated ingredients to improve sleep, focus, and immune system functioning.

Most importantly, these gummies taste good, which is why CandyCan has been featured on CBS, USA Today, and Men’s Journal.

Their challenge is to simply get more people to taste their gummies, as once someone tries a bag, it’s now their go-to.

To get in frequent rotation amongst snackers, the CandyCan affiliate program launched on the Everflow platform.

CandyCan, ReCharge & Everflow Case Study Highlights

Within months, CandyCan began acquiring hundreds of repeat customers through the powerful connection of Everflow’s event tracking, driving subscriptions powered by ReCharge, and rewarded traffic.

CandyCan’s ability to gain a steady monthly stream of loyal snackers began with a comprehensive onboarding setup by Everflow.

A Better Onboarding For A Better Product

CandyCan launched their first-ever affiliate program via Everflow in December 2021.

Like CandyCan, the Everflow onboarding team takes pride in their work.

CandyCan received full team trainings to get comfortable with the platform, strategic advice on creating attractive affiliate offerings, in addition to tracking and initial campaign setup.


The folks at CandyCan quickly became adept at all aspects of Everflow, including learning how to onboard new traffic partners and how to glean valuable data via Everflow analytics — a favorite practice used today by the CandyCan team to impact bottom line-results.

“Being able to jump in and utilize Everflow’s detailed reporting quickly was a huge asset for us, as we are a data-driven company,” states CandyCan Co-Founder & CEO, Krik Angacian.

Beyond gaining a fully setup platform, and the familiarity to jump right in and maximize usage, the highlight of CandyCan’s onboarding was the ability to create a connection between their ReCharge account and their new Everflow instance.

Let’s dive into how Everflow’s ReCharge integration created data to set up CandyCan for success in acquiring repeat customers…

It Begins With ReCharge…

Setting up ReCharge only took a few short steps for the CandyCan team.

CandyCan located ReCharge amongst the many useful tech stack integrations inside Everflow, clicked “Add” and then configured the integration to track subscription events that have been most effective historically for driving repeat customers.

Setting up ReCharge in Everflow

With the ReCharge integration complete, CandyCan charged full steam into analyzing ReCharge subscription event data — now frequently rolling into event reports inside of Everflow.

Empowered with this new info, CandyCan was ready to evaluate their performance partnerships.

Quality Control Has Its Rewards

The CandyCan team applied a similar methodical approach to partner evaluations that they use for making delicious gummy concoctions.

Using the new ReCharge subscription data, the CandyCan team was able to study partner performance not only by traditional metrics like traffic volume and leads delivered, but also by subscription events generated. CandyCan now could place a higher value on partners that were driving loyalty.


As they identified more of these key partners, they began to notice that optimizing by partner was more important than optimizing by traffic or promotion type.

Partners were delivering subscriptions for CandyCan in many ways, including rewarded traffic.

How does CandyCan turn rewarded traffic into loyal subscribers? It starts with:

  • Better Ingredients: Gummies feature ingredients like agar — which helps with gut health, and monk fruit which soothes sugar cravings without crazy energy spikes.
  • Being Diet Friendly: Gummy bags are 60 calories each and fit stricter diets likes vegan and keto.
  • Providing Health Benefits: Gummies are designed to improve sleep, focus, and immune system.
  • Competitive Pricing: Each pack of eight bags is only $35.
  • Guilt-Free Snacking: You’re encouraged to eat the whole bag!

With their product offering dialed in, CandyCan used data from Everflow’s event tracking and ReCharge to see which customers remained loyal beyond an initial trial offering, proving the value of each rewarded traffic source.

This data allowed CandyCan to test and incorporate a variety of rewarded traffic sources, including email, mobile app, and offer wall traffic.

CandyCan could test more traffic types, because they can see clear cut end results: If more customers subscribed to get gummies monthly from a partner, CandyCan knew they had a strong partner and worked to help scale promotion:

“Through ReCharge and Everflow analytics we’re able to also optimize each partner individually, which makes a notable difference in revenue,” states Angacian.

Krik was spot on with that quote above, as CandyCan began seeing a steady rise in valuable repeat customers simply due to more accurate partner evaluation.

The results of these efforts are covered in the final section of this case study…

CandyCan Focus Gummies

The Results (And The Candy) Are Delicious

Through ongoing partner optimization based on subscription data, CandyCan dialed in program results quickly.

Each partner evaluation yielded more insights into the types of partners that create repeat business.

Over the first three months, CandyCan generated a few hundred new subscriptions…but these numbers started to rise month over month.

In March 2022, the CandyCan team generated over 120 new subscriptions and 1,000+ orders.

More than just numbers, these new customers are the results of devoting resources to stronger partners in the CandyCan affiliate program.

CandyCan’s aligned and growing affiliate partnership base is leading the way for company growth.

According to Angacian, “In less than three months of partnering, our program on Everflow has directly contributed to 80% of our business. We see this partnership only growing over the coming months and years.”

What’s Next For CandyCan?

“We’re launching new SKUs, new programs with current publishers, and partnering with larger, more established publishers to take our brand to the next level. Everflow plays a key part in establishing these relationships and partnerships,” states Angacian.

We’ll snack to that!

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