bunq Mates: Everflow Empowers bunq To Shine In The Personal Banking Space

The Everflow team loves supporting bunq, a truly independent banking  app from the Netherlands. Check out our case study which covers bunq's success, how bunq utilizes Everflow support in their quest for growth, and what's next for the bunq team.
Tony Cohn
March 29, 2023

Last year, serious athletes and weekend warriors alike proved that even when stuck at home fitness goals could be conquered through expensive workout tools, insane exercise challenges, or keto meal delivery services.

Those mad at-home exercisers of 2020 taught us that the right tools allow determined individuals to reach their goals. This concept isn’t new to us at Everflow, as we’ve always been huge believers in what our partner platform can help forward-thinking businesses achieve.

Case in point, bunq came to Everflow in September 2019 with a disruptive product -- a truly independent mobile banking platform. The bunq team needed a solution to generate more users and expand globally.

The Everflow partner platform and industry-leading support were the perfect solutions to help bunq reach their goals.

There’s Really No Excuse To Not Download This Stellar Banking App

Netherlands-based bunq (pronounced like "bunk bed") allows users in the European Economic Area (30 countries including Netherlands, Ireland, Italy) to essentially use banking services on their terms. Signup takes less than five minutes, and users can manage their account via the bunq app (and they get a bunq card for spending, too).

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With bunq, you choose how to utilize your money best (a novel concept in banking, no doubt). You can use your bunq account for things like daily spending with Google Pay or Apple Pay, divvying up a bill quickly with friends, or even rounding up purchases automatically to add to a savings account.

The team at bunq also is heavily invested in providing support to Mother Nature and provides users with a ton of opportunities to give back, including the Easy Green plan (a tree is planted for every €100 spent by a bunq user) or the option to carry a long-lasting metal credit card.

(Behold The Metal bunq Card!)

Support, Success, Repeat: Everflow’s Role In bunq’s Rise To €1 Billion In User Deposits

When bunq started working with Everflow, they were on a mission to let the world know about bunq. The product offering was solid, so they were ready for an affiliate program to sign up more users who can experience bunq firsthand. This is where Everflow's dedicated team resources and powerful partnership platform supported bunq as they quickly reached unicorn status.

It’s A Total Setup

Upon signup, the Everflow team began preparing to launch bunq’s affiliate program on the right foot. Meetings took place first to determine bunq’s program business goal, customization, and integration needs.

Next up, the Everflow team provided bunq staff with full training sessions on how to utilize the Everflow platform, set up bunq’s first offer, connected necessary third-party integrations, and launched all platform tracking.

Finally, Everflow staff worked with bunq to provide documentation and direct support to tailor the Everflow platform to bunq’s specs.

Once all of the actions above were completed, Bunq had a fully operational affiliate program, complete with all the essential tools for recruiting affiliates, tracking campaign activity, and managing global affiliates. It was go time.

Starting Off The Everflow Era With A Big Bang

Shortly after bunq launched their affiliate program via the Everflow platform, bunq began to see impressive results.

In less than six months, 300 new relevant affiliates joined the bunq affiliate program and generated thousands of new user registrations.

Encouraged by these quick wins, bunq next turned their focus toward platform optimization.

Making Themselves At Home With The Everflow Platform

During frequent check-in meetings with the bunq team, Everflow staff would recommend best practices for program growth and optimization of platform usage.

The bunq team took to Everflow's tips and strategies like a cat to macaroni and cheese (basically all animals like mac ‘n’ cheese) and began ramping up program performance through a multitude of platform functions, including split-testing offer creatives and event tracking.

Through these consistent optimizations, bunq’s program continued to gain strength.

For example, utilizing Everflow’s deeper analytics to quickly determine which partners and ad placements were generating the strongest results allowed the bunq team to focus on those sources, ultimately leading to a stronger revenue stream.

Most notably, the bunq team was able to dive deeper into their platform data to gauge which new customers would benefit most from retargeting or an upsell. That is some advanced platform usage!

Everflow Will Be There For You

The bunq team currently has multiple Everflow team members assigned to their account, ensuring that support is always available.

When bunq needs something, Everflow is there via email, Zoom, 24/7 live chat, or even an in-person office visit.

Whether it’s a technical question, program growth advice, or a discussion on favorite after-work beverages (both teams love Prosecco), the Everflow team is there to provide prompt support.

Everflow team members proactively reach out to provide assistance as well, via support offerings like best practice tips, new affiliate introductions, and new strategies for better performance tracking.

Domenico Frascino, Affiliate Program Lead at bunq

According to Domenico Frascino, Affiliate Program Lead at bunq (who we reached out to for this case study and is shown on the right), team support is one of the key primary benefits of working with Everflow.

Everflow also produces a quarterly review of program performance for bunq, which covers quarter-over-quarter KPIs like overall sales, number of partners, and program revenue.

These reports also inform the bunq team on the status of any feature requests they’ve made. When bunq needs something custom added to their Everflow platform, their requests are always noted, tracked, and executed.

Frascino cites Everflow’s ability to customize their program as a key advantage to launching an affiliate program with Everflow.

“Everflow gives us the ability to create our own experience for our affiliates,” states Frascino.

Further included in bunq’s quarterly reports are highlights of new platform features, recent Everflow partner integrations, and where bunq can connect with Everflow in person next. The goal is to ensure that bunq is totally aware of any new ways that Everflow can help grow their program.

(Slide From A Recent bunq Quarterly Review)

The Next Chapter For bunq And Everflow

The Everflow team loves supporting bunq and providing a platform to help bunq continue to expand globally. Franscino recently mentioned that expanding into new territories is on bunq’s to-do list, along with a ton of app updates. Everflow is excited to watch bunq grow to hit their next 1 billion Euros in user deposits and will continue to provide any support they need to reach their goals (and maybe provide a few bottles of Prosecco).

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