Agency Spotlight: NYMO & Co.

Everflow interviews Marshall Nyman from NYMO & Co.
Jordan Barney

Our Partner Spotlight series interviews experts from our killer network of agency partners and highlights their impact in the field of affiliate and partner marketing.

This month, we caught up with Marshall Nyman from NYMO & Co.

Marshall Nyman is the founder and CEO of NYMO & Co., a boutique affiliate marketing agency that helps emerging brands grow. He is the host of Performance Marketing Spotlight, a podcast in which industry veterans share their experience in the affiliate marketing space. 

Marshall got his start in performance marketing in 2011 after moving to New York City to work at a startup affiliate network. Four years later, he ended up in Los Angeles at Onestop, an e-commerce agency, where Marshall ran affiliate campaigns for premium fashion brands. In 2017, Marshall launched NYMO & Co. with the goal of helping serve early-stage startups interested in leveraging affiliate marketing. NYMO & Co. focuses on a content-based approach to partnerships in order to maximize brand awareness and new customer acquisition.

Q: Why should a brand with an existing affiliate program or partner marketing program consider working with a partner marketing agency?

Affiliate marketing is a complex channel that is rapidly changing, based on relationships built over time. You need someone who knows the space and is deeply connected to affiliates, networks, brands, and technologies. An agency can also help brands cut down on the number of mistakes they are making by verifying that the right types of partners are in the program; otherwise, you can be caught up in fraud or orders that are not incremental. 

Having the right agency can allow you to shorten the time and headaches of running a program on your own in-house. Plus, agencies attend conferences to network with publishers and foster opportunities for their brands. This can be a major benefit for brands.

Q: What is NYMO & Co.?

NYMO is an affiliate marketing agency that focuses on a content-first approach. The name comes from a mix of my last name, Nyman, plus the initials of all my children and wife; Myla, Oriana, Morty, and Olympia.

Q: What types of brands do you work with?

We focus on early-stage DTC brands that have unique consumer goods and are looking to scale their marketing efforts with a content-focused approach.

Q: What types of services do you offer?

We are highly focused and only offer full-service affiliate marketing management. This allows us to deliver maximum value to our clients by being true experts in one specific thing: affiliate marketing management.

Q: What makes your agency stand out from the competition?

We are a boutique agency that has very experienced affiliate managers with many years of experience across the space and high customer satisfaction. You get the best of both worlds, as we are an agency that functions like a consultancy. We act as an extension of the brand's team.

Q: How does your agency typically work with Everflow clients?

We will provide full-service affiliate program management, which allows us to activate the right partners and scale up their affiliate programs.

Q: Please share a recent client success story.

In Q4 of 2023, we launched a client with a brand-new product and website. We were able to ramp up the program in a short amount of time to see significant traction across major affiliate partners via listicles and reviews. The brand also saw a surge in traffic and revenue from the content placements we were able to secure for the partner in a tight window!

Q: What is one unexpected opportunity for brands to scale up their affiliate marketing or partner marketing efforts?

The massive halo effect on other channels by having a content-based affiliate marketing program. By driving top-of-funnel traffic, other channels will benefit since not all affiliate traffic will convert instantly within the cookie window. As affiliate marketing grows for a brand, so will the rest of your business.

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