Agency Spotlight: Klay Media

Our Agency Spotlight series interviews experts from our killer network of agency partners and highlights their impact in the fields of affiliate and partner marketing.
Jordan Barney
October 31, 2023

Our Agency Spotlight series interviews experts from our killer network of agency partners and highlights their impact in the fields of affiliate and partner marketing. 

This month, we caught up with Dakota Neel, Vice President at Klay Media, to discuss the power of agency partnerships in affiliate marketing.

Q: Please tell us a little about your background and how you got started in the world of affiliate marketing...

Dakota: I have been working in the affiliate space for about seven years now. 

In December 2020, I was brought on by Mike Pollack, our CEO at Klay Media, to help with the growth of Klay’s User Acquisition department. Fast forward a year, and I've stepped into the shoes of Vice President, extending my oversight to not only the User Acquisition department, but also our Agency department.

As for how I got started in the world of affiliate marketing, it's quite an interesting story. After moving back to Denver, Colorado, I searched for the “top 10 companies” to work for in the area. I applied to all of them, and the first company to call me in for an interview was an affiliate marketing agency. The rest, as they say, is history!

Q: Why should a brand consider working with an affiliate marketing agency?

Dakota: Partnering with agencies like Klay Media is a game-changer for brands. These collaborations provide not just expertise and experience, but also open doors to a vast network of affiliate partnerships. Agencies play a pivotal role in strategizing by helping brands identify the most effective channels to drive ROI. 

This strategic alliance isn't just about optimizing resources; it's about ensuring that every marketing effort is a powerhouse, delivering maximum impact for the brand. It's the key to making every move count in the dynamic world of affiliate marketing.

Q: Tell us a bit more about Klay Media…

Dakota: Klay Media is more than an agency; we're the solutions agency. We don't just fit into your business – we seamlessly integrate into its very fabric. Our mission is to identify voids, diversify revenue streams, and unveil untapped potential within your operations. 

Whether it's mastering the art of mobile app advertising, or meticulously overseeing affiliate networks, our strategies are custom-tailored to align with your brand’s unique objectives. Think of us as your strategic partner, committed to weaving success into every aspect of your business journey.

Q: What makes Klay Media different from the competition?

Dakota: What sets us apart is that we merge the strategic quality of PR efforts with the precision of data tracking, reporting, and performance monetization. Embracing a full-funnel approach, we leverage upper-funnel partnerships to fuel the lower funnel. 

Klay Media serves as an end-to-end solution for brands that prioritize brand reputation as much as conversions.

Q: What types of brands does Klay Media work with?

Dakota: Our expertise lies in collaborating with brands in the entertainment, education, food & beverage, health & wellness, and lifestyle verticals. 

Q: How does Klay Media typically work with Everflow clients?

Dakota: Leveraging the Everflow marketplace enables us to easily connect with brands and seamlessly launch campaigns for Everflow clients. It's not just about speed; it's about efficiency and precision in navigating the affiliate marketing landscape, and Everflow makes it easy for our clients and our publishers. Everflow provides access to reporting for all sides of the business, making everyone's life easier and helping to scale campaigns for even greater success. 

Learn more from Dakota on how Klay Media works with our Marketplace from when we sat down to chat with her at this year’s Everflow Connect:

To wrap up... 

Q: What is one unexpected opportunity for brands to scale up their partner marketing efforts?

Dakota: While I cannot disclose all the secrets, I believe that leveraging companies like Klay can be a big opportunity for brands that have both an app and web  landing page. This allows you to get multiple channels live with different affiliate traffic, rather than just relying on one channel. 

Our agency has experience in both web and mobile campaigns, which means we have traffic for both. If you're looking to scale, working with agencies that are well-experienced in both traditional and mobile advertising can open up many different opportunities that can help grow your brand. Opening up multiple channels with an agency that has the traffic you need is the kind of move that has the potential to elevate a brand to new heights of success! 

We hope that this Agency Spotlight  has provided  some helpful insights on how agencies like Klay Media can take your affiliate and partner marketing programs to the next level.

Looking to leverage the benefits of an agency partner? Get started with Klay Media on Everflow today!

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