Scale Your Lead Acquisition With LeadConduit

A real-time lead optimization platform that allows companies to take action on their leads


LeadConduit offers cloud-based lead management, emphasizing real-time data capture and comprehensive integration options. This platform is aimed at optimizing lead handling processes and enhancing data accuracy for businesses.

Cloud-based lead management

Real-time data capture

Comprehensive integration options

Customize your lead flow Capture leads from any source, including internal forms, 3rd party vendors, or CSV imports. Enhance leads with additional data points. Filter and reject leads that fail to meet your criteria. Deliver leads directly to your CRM or autodialer.

Enhance leads with any data service Get additional information on your leads using any 3rd party data service. This data can be used to make real time decisions on your leads - such as filtering or delivering based on custom logic.

Track everything with the easy-to-use Everflow integration: just take a Postback URL and LeadConduit will break it apart so all the parameters can be individually mapped to lead variables in the Everflow Platform.

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