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Accessibility: Why Doing Good Leads To Loyal Users

June 5, 2023

About The Chat

Ensuring that your site is functional for all is simply the right thing to do. Customers who want to know more about your business, should have the tools in place to engage with your content. By opening up your business to more communities, you’ll also gain additional benefits like avoiding lawsuits, boosting customer retention, and reaching a wider customer base. Join us as we chat with Dor Barak from Userway, an award-winning accessibility company, to learn the current state of website accessibility and how you can put a plan in place to have a more accessible site this quarter.

Common Mistakes

The massive financial impact that can hit your business by not making your site more accessible and the common mistakes that businesses make when attempting to make their sites more accessible.

Financial Perks

The financial perks of a more-accessible site.

Boosting Accessibility

How to begin boosting your site’s accessibility ASAP.

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