Smart Links: The Key to Optimized Traffic & Higher ROI

March 28, 2024

About Webinar

Are you ready to optimize your traffic and get the most out of A/B testing? Discover the basics of Smart Links setup, learn how to create and optimize them, explore real-world use cases for maximizing ROI, and ensure your traffic is delivered to the best-matching offers.

Smart Links Essentials

Understand the fundamentals of Smart Links and how they streamline traffic distribution.

Creating & Optimizing Smart Links

Learn step-by-step processes for setting up Smart Links to optimize traffic for maximum performance.

Smart Link Use Cases & Benefits

Explore practical use cases and uncover the advantages of Smart Links, including traffic distribution and the ease of A/B testing.

Isaac is a veteran in affiliate marketing with a background in finance and entrepreneurship based out of San Francisco, CA. As a customer success manager, he consults with our clients on how to grow their affiliate programs, implement new features, and surmount technical obstacles. You can catch Isaac regularly leading our webinars, offering advice on how to best drive success with Everflow.

Isaac Maier

Customer Success Manager



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