Scale Sales With Upgraded Coupon Codes

March 6, 2024

About Webinar

Scaling influencer promotions but struggling with scattered affiliate links? Let Everflow’s coupon codes do the heavy lifting. Isaac will demo the basics of Coupon Codes that enable easy, high-volume code creation and seamless tracking. Plus, get a sneak peek at new features like creating coupon codes without pre-assigned partners, adding custom descriptions, setting up duplicate codes, and bulk updating.

Discover The Basics Of Coupon Codes

Learn how to create & manage shareable Coupon Codes to make it easier for influencers to promote your brand on any platform.

Preview New Features

Get an exclusive first look at Coupon Code uploads without pre-assigned partners, customizable descriptions, duplicate creation, and bulk updates.

Drive Even More Sales

Use Coupon Codes for clickless & offline tracking to boost ROI and pick up the momentum on an influencer-generated sale.



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