May Agency Spotlight: East 5th Avenue

Our Agency Partner Spotlight series interviews experts from our killer network of agency partners and highlights their impact in the field of partner marketing.
Jordan Barney

Our Agency Partner Spotlight series interviews experts from our killer network of agency partners and highlights their impact in the field of partner marketing.

This month, we caught up with Amber Spears, co-founder of East 5th Avenue.

Amber Spears is recognized as an industry thought leader in the affiliate marketing arena as a coach and speaker. She is the co-founder of East 5th Avenue, a world-class affiliate management, education, and marketing company. 

East 5th Avenue has generated over $530 million for clients in the last eight years with their proprietary training methods. 

On the education side, East 5th Avenue has trained over 2,500 companies. Amber is a highly sought after keynote. She has spoken on stages like: Traffic and Conversion, Facebook, Mindshare Summit, Affiliate Summit West, and Affiliate Summit Europe. Her clients past and present include: Clickbank, Agora, Dr. Mark Hyman, SaaS Academy, Dr. Izabella Wentz, Beekeepers Naturals, Energy BluePrint, Venus Factor, Mindable, TrueGenics, and more.

Q: How did you get started in the world of affiliate/partner marketing?

It was a total accident. I switched careers from selling search engine optimization to copywriting. Then I took over the affiliate program for the company that I was a copywriter for and fell in love with affiliate marketing.

Q: Why should a brand consider working with a partner marketing agency?

A brand should consider working with an agency to diversify their customer acquisition channels. You’ll be adding a customer acquisition channel that's reliant on relationships and not just algorithms. 

Additionally, we're seeing so much spending go towards influencers and creators. You definitely do not want to fall behind by not collaborating with them or incorporating this type of customer acquisition channel into your program.

Q: What is East 5th Avenue?

East 5th Avenue is a high-end boutique affiliate management training academy and agency that has served 2,500 companies. In the last three years alone, East 5th Avenue generated $530 million in agency affiliate revenue, over 8 million leads, and over $300 million in affiliate revenue for their coaching clients. 

We can train you, and we can hire and recruit affiliate managers. We can help increase the reach and revenue of your program and help you scale your affiliate program.

Q: What makes East 5th Avenue so innovative? What sets you apart from the competition?

Our methods are innovative because I have personally been a top affiliate manager myself. So I have come to understand both sides of the business, both from a team perspective and from an ownership perspective. 

We have helped train over 3,000 companies and place hundreds of affiliate managers. So both our pattern recognition and understanding of the industry are incredibly deep.

Q: What types of brands do you work with?

We work with brands in the health and wellness, personal development, finance, biz op, and education spaces.

Q: How does East 5th Avenue typically work with Everflow clients?

We have sent quite a bit of business to Everflow over the years. We absolutely love working with them and consider Everflow to be one of the best affiliate tracking platforms, which is why we always recommend them first.

Q: What is one unexpected opportunity for brands to scale up their partner marketing efforts?

Pick up the phone and start making calls. In a world of AI, chatbots, and cold email outreach, the ability to actually talk to your affiliate partners will set you apart from the competition like nothing else.

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