B2B Affiliate Management Lessons: From Brand-Side to Agency with Tammy Porter

Everflow's VP of Marketing Michael Cole shares his thoughts following his sit down with Tammy Porter of Acceleration Partners. They discuss the ins and outs of managing a successful B2B affiliate program. They also discuss what you must do to find and retain the best “creators” for your affiliate needs.
Michael Cole
March 29, 2023

Michael's Thoughts On This Chat

B2B marketers - it's time to learn how to build a successful affiliate program.

Affiliate programs will evolve into a core piece of B2B growth.

You can learn a lot from Tammy Porter's expertise. She recently joined the agency Acceleration Partners to lead their B2B affiliate management initiatives.

I'm excited to see her team's success during this transitional period towards B2B affiliate programs becoming essential.

What is driving this evolution of B2B affiliate programs?

1) The internal B2B buying process has been transformed by Covid for traditional companies: It's now a much faster digital process with fewer decision-makers involved in the purchase.

2) A massive influx in relevant affiliates: The rise of LinkedIn B2B influencers, B2B podcasts, and relevant Substack newsletter content creators.

3) Better aligned payouts: Platforms like our Everflow - Partner Marketing Platform that enable tying payouts to CRM customer stages and subscription renewal events. This ensures that the most relevant partners are able to massively scale their very lucrative promotions, and the lowest quality partners don't burn through your budgets.

To build any type of successful affiliate program requires the right foundation. Tammy does an awesome job of succinctly sharing the essential elements of a top-performing program.

To see the full conversation:

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