2021 In Review: Everflow Releases & Reflections

In this post, we gathered a few reflections on some of our favorite features we released in 2021, in addition to some fun company stats we'd like to share with you!
Ashley Carrow
March 29, 2023

In 2021, our platform continued to be used by marketers all around the world. We built features that you asked for, improved existing tools, and launched new initiatives to help our clients thrive. Although we’ve just entered the second month of 2022, we wanted to take a moment to recap the last year so that you can take a quick inventory, and make sure you are maximizing your potential through our offerings. 

Our Favorite Features:


Facebook Conversions API Integration (March 2021)

We were the first tracking platform to release an integrated solution for Facebook campaigns. With our v2.9.2 release, we added a feature that easily connects your campaigns in Everflow to the Facebook Conversions API. Just a few simple steps and you're off to the races with a powerful tracking tool that allows for more thorough data, faster load times, and even the ability to track offline events.

Notification Settings (March 2021)

Many practical updates were made to Notification Settings. These updates were particularly exciting for anyone managing Partner or Advertiser accounts, as they granted the ability to choose between receiving notifications concerning any and all accounts, or just for the accounts you manage.

Offer Applications (March 2021)

We added an Offer Application Questionnaire, which can be used as part of the process for approving Partners to run Require Approval Offers. The questionnaire is completely customizable, and allows you to create questions that your Partner must answer in order to be considered for approval, such as “Will you be using our provided approved creative assets?” or “Please provide a link to the landing page you will be using for this Offer.” 

Simple, Streamlined Conversion Methods (June 2021)

In v2.9.3, we revamped our Conversion Methods options, both in terms of the options we support, as well as how we display your configuration. Since third-party cookies are growing more and more obsolete, we simplified the available selections associated with server-side tracking and our Javascript SDK. When viewing or editing an Offer page, you'll notice a new card entitled Tracking, which displays the proper code, pixel, or URL for tracking based on the Conversion Method selected.

Max Duration for Email Address Attribution (June 2021)

We made an exciting update to Email Address Attribution that gives you control over the time window within which conversions are tied to an email address. Enabling the feature allows you to stop attributing conversions with the associated email after a specific timeframe. You can either choose a static start and end date, or you can reset the window each time there is a new conversion.

Major eCommerce Updates (October 2021)

We made several updates to help brands streamline eCommerce business and simplify reporting in v2.9.4. Through Custom Settings, brands can now assign Payout and Revenue values according to Product SKU, while the Products Report allows you to drill down into performance by Product SKU and into the partners generating those sales. Furthermore, the new Refunds Report is tied directly to your shopping cart integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, or ClickFunnels, so you can pull your refund data directly from Everflow and drill into details around refunded transactions.

TikTok Integration (Beta) (November 2021)

If you or your Partner is buying media on TikTok, we can now push your conversion data into TikTok Ads Manager using TikTok’s API. This gives you or your Partner the critical ability to optimize campaigns inside TikTok Ads Manager using this integration.

A Few Fun Stats:

  • We went to 9 conferences
  • Our customers operated their businesses from 71 different countries
  • We hosted 21 fireside chats and 7 webinars
  • Our Customer Success team participated in 17,387 chats with clients
  • We released 3 platform updates, including 60+ new features and integrations
  • Our customers had $4.1+ Billion in gross sales
  • We hired 17 new team members
  • We practiced yoga together 50 times

What a year! Thanks to everyone who has been a part of our journey. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for you in 2022!

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