Change Our Minds: Your Campaigns Should Allow Trademark Plus Bidding With Jennifer Tryk

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Join us as we sit down with Jennifer Tryk of Wickfire, an award-winning digital market company that owns and operates two extremely successful content sites: and We'll dive into trademark plus (TM+) bidding, the emerging new affiliate promotion strategy that defies the conventional wisdom that trademark bidding is always a no-no.

Trademark + Bidding

The glaring differences between trademark bidding and trademark + bidding

Case For Testing

Why trademark + deserves a test in your program

Campaign Strategy

How to make trademark + bidding a vital part of your overall campaign promotion strategy.

Enhancing Your Brand's Marketing Strategy with Trademark Plus Bidding

In the world of digital marketing, Trademark Plus bidding is emerging as an effective strategy for brands and affiliate publishers to maximize their advertising efforts. As an affiliate publisher known for its expertise in this area, Wickfire has developed a risk-free and cost-saving advertising method that balances profitability and brand promotion.

Trademark Plus bidding involves combining a brand's trademark name with coupon or discount-related keywords. This strategy is not limited to specific verticals, but works particularly well for proactive brands that seek innovative ways to promote their products and services across various channels.

To make the most of Trademark Plus bidding, brands should partner with experienced and transparent affiliate publishers to mitigate potential risks such as increased advertising costs or decreased click-through rates. Transparency and responsiveness are essential in selecting a publisher partner to avoid any red flags, such as reluctance to share data or slow communication.

TM Plus campaigns are best-suited for brands with prior advertising experience who are actively promoting their offerings. Brands can expect varying results from these campaigns, typically taking around three months to gather sufficient data to identify trends and set the appropriate course of action.

Using TM Plus bidding can significantly benefit brands by helping clear out inventory, showcasing higher-performing offers, and enabling them to test different promotional strategies. It has been observed that offers tied to specific order criteria, such as "spend $100 and get 20% off," tend to produce the best results.

When working with affiliate networks, brands must establish guidelines and terms and conditions that outline their preferences. Limiting the number of publisher partners can prevent confusion and promote a clearer marketing message. Monitoring data is crucial to identify rogue bidders and optimize campaigns accordingly. A minimum of 30 days is recommended to evaluate the effectiveness of a TM Plus campaign and make any necessary adjustments.

Wickfire, renowned for its experience in the field, encourages brands to contact them at to explore the benefits of Trademark Plus bidding. By partnering with a reliable publisher that prioritizes open communication and transparency, brands can leverage this innovative marketing strategy to enhance their promotional efforts and achieve greater success.

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Jennifer Tryk
Business Development Associate
Jennifer Tryk
Business Development Associate

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