Success Settings: Revenue, Payout, Caps, Landing Pages, & More

April 26, 2024

About Webinar

Craving a competitive edge for your offers? Join Isaac as he guides you through the intricacies of custom settings for revenue and payout, caps, landing pages, and creatives. You'll learn how to leverage these revenue-driving features to elevate your offer performance.

Revenue & Payout

Personalize revenue and payout to maximize your earnings.

Custom Caps

Gain precise control over your offer caps to ensure efficient resource allocation.

Landing Pages & Creatives

Tailor your customer experience with branded landing pages and creatives.

Isaac is a veteran in affiliate marketing with a background in finance and entrepreneurship based out of San Francisco, CA. As a customer success manager, he consults with our clients on how to grow their affiliate programs, implement new features, and surmount technical obstacles. You can catch Isaac regularly leading our webinars, offering advice on how to best drive success with Everflow.

Isaac Maier

Customer Success Manager



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