Partner and Advertiser Postback 101

April 18, 2024

About Webinar

Setting up Partner or Advertiser Postbacks can be tricky, but this webinar has the essentials to take the guesswork out of postbacks. Discover how to set up postbacks to ensure accurate and granular campaign tracking and go through some best practices to resolve troubleshooting postback issues. All that and more to strengthen partnerships, drive transparent collaborations, and unlock growth opportunities.

Discover Postback Fundamentals

Understand the core principles of partner and advertiser postback, including their setup.

Master Postback Parameters

Learn best practices for configuring and troubleshooting postback parameters.

Leverage Postback For Performance

Utilize postbacks to granularly track performance, dynamically incentivize partners, and maximize ROI.

Isaac is a veteran in affiliate marketing with a background in finance and entrepreneurship based out of San Francisco, CA. As a customer success manager, he consults with our clients on how to grow their affiliate programs, implement new features, and surmount technical obstacles. You can catch Isaac regularly leading our webinars, offering advice on how to best drive success with Everflow.

Isaac Maier

Customer Success Manager



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