What Most Marketers Don't Know About Scaling Affiliates with Thomas McMahon

Everflow's VP of Marketing Michael Cole shares his thoughts following his sit-down with Thomas McMahon of ClickBank. They discuss the operational steps they recommend for customers that allow affiliate programs to drive 30% of their sales.‍‍
Michael Cole
March 29, 2023

Michael's Thoughts On This Chat

Why don't more pure B2B companies work with media buying affiliates?

Media buying affiliates are a proven part of B2C affiliate programs. B2B companies can pay magnitudes more per customer, but there isn't a thriving affiliate scene there (that I know of).

Even with B2C, it takes convincing for companies to test out media buying affiliates. Thomas McMahon from ClickBank shared his expertise getting their clients onboard with this promotion method during our fireside chat.

Rather than worrying about hypothetical challenges, he focuses on exploring underused advertising channels with clients where they would benefit from affiliates with expertise.

On our side, we've been having partnership conversations with one of the largest advertising platforms. The surprising thing was that our contact didn't care about opportunities with our major customers, he was excited by how much revenue was being paid to affiliates through our platform.

Why? Big brands reach a cliff for profitably spending on ad platforms.

The best media buying affiliates reach magnitudes of scale beyond brands, since the better they are at media buying - the more brands they profitably promote.

Working with those media buying affiliates for B2B solutions is easier said than done. It requires:

* Payouts that tie large enough payments to driving early lead stages while still properly incentivizing affiliates to optimize towards the placements that drive customers.

* Very fast payment cycles for media buying affiliates so they have plenty of runway for spending on their campaigns (ClickBank excels here which is a major reason why media buyers thrive with them)

* Actionable reporting that helps them optimize towards the placements that drive customers.

I'm excited to see how our ad platforms integrations at Everflow - Partner Marketing Platform passing customer pipeline data to these platforms for affiliates combined with aligned payments makes B2B promotions viable for them.

The B2B companies that crack this code are going to get a windfall of growth as no B2C company can compete with their ability to pay out per customer.

To see the full conversation:

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