Top 6 Solutions For Pay-Per-Call Marketing In 2024

Blog post covering the best pay-per-call software for your business.
Anastasiia Romanovska
June 14, 2024

Customer communication is not just a task; it's an investment. Investing time and effort into improving performance in this area will lead to loyalty, repeat purchases, and positive reviews. 

Although emails, chats, and social media have become integral parts of everyday life, dismissing the opportunity for phone communication would be a mistake – pay-per-call marketing is instrumental in cultivating lasting relationships with customers.

This article will explore the most effective pay-per-call software that will help you generate more pay-per-call leads, improve conversion rates, increase profits, and maximize your ROI.

Pay-Per-Call Tools: The Top 6 Positions



Phonexa is a single operating solution for partner and performance marketing that gives D2C publishers, networks, agencies, and brands access to (and control over) pay-per-call campaigns while eliminating the lack of transparency across pay-per-call lead generation, and automating processes. 

Phonexa’s suite of tools allows you to spend less time juggling reports, and more time optimizing customer acquisition efforts and analyzing the sources that drive qualified pipeline. The software provides full control over pay-per-call traffic and interaction with leads, ensuring brand integrity and an optimal experience for potential clients.

Pros & Cons

+ Comprehensive pay-per-call software suite that addresses all marketing avenues, including calls, leads, clicks, and revenue

+ Integration with CRMs and other tools

+ Customer support at all stages

+ Free product tour that demonstrates all eight software solutions

+ Unmatched omnichannel attribution

- No free trial

- Steep learning curve requiring expert assistance


With Phonexa, you can choose from several pricing plans:

Lite Suite: $100 per month

Premium Suite: $500 per month

Enterprise Suite: $1,000 per month

Custom: Upon request

For convenience and simplification, the website has a calculator that allows you to enter your data and calculate prices.

Key Features

  • Call tracking and distribution
  • Cloud-based call management
  • Set of solutions allowing for set up and optimization of pay-per-call affiliate marketing campaigns
  • Advanced user behavior analytics with a recording function
  • Referral link generator
  • Cookie-less tracking
  • Lead tracking and distribution

Free Trial

Phonexa does not offer a free trial. However, the company offers a free demo where you will see all eight solutions in action while communicating with a company representative, familiarizing yourself with its capabilities, and determining if it suits your business.

G2 Rating

4.9 out of 5

Soleo Communications

Soleo Communications

Soleo Communications is a company specializing in performance media and has established itself through innovative online platforms, high compliance standards, and the development of marketing and call management solutions across various pay-per-call numbers. 

With CallThread, Soleo's marketing platform, advertisers purchase inbound calls from reliable publishers. This allows them to receive quality leads that are likely to convert directly on their business phones, or in the campaign calling center.

Pros & Cons

+ Network for finding potential clients across different categories

+ Simple registration profile algorithm for newcomers

+ Availability of a free trial version

- Lack of information on certifications

-Absence of pay-per-call affiliate offers with discounts

-Platform lacks an accessible API


CallThread offers several participation options:

Basic Plan: $0 for 1 user license

Advanced Plan: $49 per month for 5 user licenses

Enterprise Plan: $499 per month for 10 user licenses

We recommend verifying prices with the company's support service.

Key Features

  • Continuous flow of potential clients interested in your services
  • Combination of affiliate payment technology per call with a branched payment network
  • Ability to filter calls, clicks, or leads by geolocation, business hours, etc.
  • Real-time performance tracking—revenues, conversion rates, etc.
  • Comprehensive support: email/support service, chat, phone support
  • Option to use company manager services to fill your account
  • Detailed reports and call information
  • Guarantee of platform transparency and reliability

Free Trial

A free trial is available.

G2 Rating

Information not available.

Service Direct

Service Direct

Service Direct provides lead generation services for local service companies in the USA. They use a unique affiliate marketing pay model, meaning you only pay for calls to potential clients. This makes collaboration more accessible for any budget. If you're looking for an effective way to promote your local service business in the USA, Service Direct is what you need.

Pros & Cons

+ Simple account setup

+ Flexible pricing model based on the number of leads

+ Ability to join the marketplace for free

- Price dependency on service area

- Difficulties in mastering the mySD platform

- Limited control over the pay-per-call lead generation process


The solution's pricing policy is tailored to each client's needs and depends on the range of services. To find out the exact cost, we recommend contacting pay-per-call publishers.

  • Offering a wide range of services, including plumbing, electrical, roofing, etc.
  • Target lead option, i.e., the platform includes targeting by geographic location, type of service, etc.
  • Payment for calls from any pay-per-call number only for exclusive potential clients; no payment is charged for leads uninterested in your services
  • Regular tracking of results in the form of reports provided by the company
  • Personalized pricing approach
  • Reduced costs for ineffective pay-per-call ads and non-targeted marketing
  • 24/7 access to the mySD information panel for tracking investment profitability
  • Ability to suspend campaigns through the account

Free trial

Availability of free usage may vary, so we recommend contacting the company for final information.

G2 Rating

Information not available.



Boberdoo is a pay-per-call software company that helps businesses automate and optimize routine tasks such as lead management, calculation, reporting, and distribution. This leads to improved conversion rates, increased sales, and reduces the risk of human error. 

Additionally, working with the platform enhances inbound call routing management and targeting.

Pros & Cons

+ Scalability according to your business needs

+ Automation of a range of lead-generation tasks

+ High productivity—generating thousands of potential clients per day

- Challenges with the initial setup
- Absence of a pay-per-call app for both administrators and clients
- Time-consuming process for creating reports, especially for large files


The lowest monthly fee is $100. For detailed information, you need to request pricing by filling out the form and making a call. 

We recommend confirming the price with the company's support service.

Key Features

  • Creation of marketing action plans to achieve specific goals, as well as planning and analyzing campaign results
  • Smart call routing to expand the portfolio of potential clients
  • Functioning CRM system for storing information about regular and potential clients
  • Ability to track all interactions with potential clients
  • Automated invoicing and email report distribution
  • Easy integration with other services and CPA marketing networks already in use (leadQC, Third-Party API Calls, etc.)
  • Simultaneous operation of administrators, partners, and pay-per-call service providers with the system, without delays
  • Personalized filters and unlimited system logins

Free Trial

Boberdoo does not offer a free trial period. However, you can request a live demo version where you will see the platform in action during a conversation with a company employee, familiarizing yourself with its capabilities, and determining if it suits your business.

G2 Rating

3 out of 5



LeadsPedia is another business tool aimed at improving performance marketing efficiency and achieving better results.

In addition to enabling lead collection from various sources, verifying their quality, and distributing them to the best partners or sales departments, it also opens up opportunities for providing timely and quality customer support through clear call tracking and routing.

Pros & Cons

Ideal cooperation with any business, from small to corporate

+ Free setup for the Lite plan

+ Support for integrations with third-party developers

- Expensive

- Complex interface for navigating the functionality

- A number of basic functions are not available for the Lite plan


Lite: $1,500 per month

Premium: $2,500 per month

Enterprise: custom per year

Key Features

  • Comprehensive solution designed to enhance the efficiency of the lead distribution process
  • Effective affiliate network management through tracking, monitoring, and reward payment tools
  • Access to detailed real-time analytics and reports on pay-per-call affiliate campaigns
  • Ability to customize a personalized lead distribution strategy using flexible rules
  • Functionality of automatic routing of potential clients and calls based on geolocation or quality
  • Fast integration with CPA affiliate networks, marketing and business tools
  • Free customer support via phone, email, and chat
  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime

Free Trial

LeadsPedia does not offer a free trial period. However, you can request a live demo version where you will see the platform in action during a conversation with a company employee, familiarizing yourself with its capabilities, and determining if it suits your business.

G2 Rating

4.8 out of 5



Ringba is a contract-free solution that allows you to start working immediately without any long-term commitments. It's an intelligent platform for call tracking and routing designed for scalability.

Designed for marketers, brands, and pay-per-call affiliate programs, it enables tracking, attribution, reporting, and analysis of inbound calls.

Pros & Cons

+ Built-in pay-per-call payment system

+ Instant receipt of subscriber data identifiers

+ Dynamic IVR recording function

- Expensive tariff plans

- Multi-functional interface, complex for new users

- Limited functionality on the "Business" plan


Several participation plans are offered:

Business: $147 per month

Professional: $297 per month

Enterprise: custom per month

Key Features

  • Tracking every inbound call with source attribution
  • Identification of ads and keywords generating the most valuable calls
  • Distribution and routing of calls based on caller demographics, location data, etc.
  • Ability to create conversational interactions with subscribers
  • Application of profitable marketing tactics using current thematic research
  • Providing transparency and control over client calls in an exclusive market
  • Full control over the payment process and debts
  • Open access to analytics 24/7

Free trial

Ringba does not offer a free trial period. However, you can arrange a live demo chat where a company manager will provide a platform tour to determine if it suits your business.

G2 rating

4.9 out of 5

More Leads, Higher ROI: Get the Most Out of Pay-Per-Call Marketing

No matter how rapidly IT technologies change and their capabilities scale, pay-per-call tools remain integral to marketing strategies focused on inbound calls.

To avoid making a mistake when choosing pay-per-call software, thoroughly research and compare several of them to find the best one. Analyze your business goals and ask yourself:

  • What features do I need?
  • How much am I willing to spend?
  • How user-friendly is the specific platform?
  • What level of support is offered?

As you explore different platforms, prioritize those that offer a comprehensive set of features. Look for tools that provide analytics, targeting, automation, personalization, reporting, and more. By investing in a platform that covers your pay-per-call marketing through and through, you're setting your business up for success and ensuring your marketing goals are within reach.

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