The Secrets To Driving Insurance Leads with Phonexa

Michael Cole

Michael's Thoughts On This Chat:

I had an awesome chat with Amanda Farris and Nasser Aftab from Phonexa where they shared secrets to succeeding in the insurance leads space, learned from being the platform powering these companies. What was the most surprising secret?


I spent years in programmatic video AdTech and if there is one thing I truly hated it was the anti-fraud tools. There were several solutions and none of them agreed with each other consistently about what inventory was fraud! Paying them so you could meet your advertiser's requirements always felt like a mafia shakedown.

In programmatic video, fraud metrics were usually used as an excuse to pay you less. Dan Alexander can back me up on this one : )

So when Amanda Farris explained the importance of anti-fraud validation for making more money from insurance lead generation it blew my mind a bit.

With leads generation, lead quality is everything. The more you can validate that both the lead is legitimate and all of the data points submitted are accurate, the more you can sell the lead for. Your anti-fraud validation gives you the critical data for pricing your leads correctly.

When you combine this validation with Phonexa's Ping Post 2.0 you can even go further. The best quality validated leads are sold directly to the right insurance carriers based on their real-time needs, and the lower quality leads can be sold to hungry buyers that are willing to work them harder.

Getting rewarded for the hard work of cleaning and continually validating your inventory, what a concept!

To see the rest of the conversation:

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