Riding the Rocketship: Scaling Partnerships While Oyster Grew 6X in a Year with Bruno Cunha

After building a partnership program at a rocket ship company that grew 6X in staff within a single year, Bruno Cunha from Oyster shared some fantastic tips on scaling partnerships during this fireside chat.‍
Michael Cole
March 29, 2023

All businesses have incredible referral opportunities with strategic partners reaching the same audience. Usually though? Nothing comes out of these partnerships.

Why? Inertia.

Making referral introductions and co-marketing campaigns takes time and effort. The person responsible for making these happen also has 10 other things on their plate that they need to complete for their job. The referrals slip through the cracks.

How do you solve this?

Bruno Guerra Cunha who is the Partnership Lead at Oyster offered great advice during our fireside chat discussing the realities of building a partnership program at a rocketship company growing 6X in staff within a single year.

His most actionable tip applies to any type of partnership, whether referral partners, affiliates, or influencers.

Got a dream partnership you want to drive results?

Make it as easy as possible for them to promote you, by doing the hard work.

For strategic partners, prove out how big the opportunity is through connecting on tools like Crossbeam or having your team immediately send referrals their way.

For content and influencers, provide them with a compelling hook for a content review about your product, and SEO-friendly unique content for them to easily share an article about your brand.

As Bruno Guerra Cunha mentioned, even when they were the small player in the conversation, they managed to beat their (then) bigger competitors by putting in the work and making the partnership opportunity real and exciting.

That being said: Don't burn your team out by trying to do all of the heavy lifting for every partner.

But the best opportunities?

You'll win by being easiest and most dedicated. Building these partnerships builds your most sustainable channel.

To see the rest of the conversation:

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