How Modanisa Generated Six-Figure Sales In Less Than Six Months By
 Better Partner Fit

In this case study, we dive into how Modanisa, a leading modest fashion platform, was able to generate over $150,000 in new revenue through introductions from just two partners from Everflow.
Tony Cohn
March 29, 2023
Modanisa and Everflow case study highlights.

Dressing on trend? You’re someone who is hip to modern design and youthful ideas.

Rocking a classic look? You know what works and what never goes out of style.

Fashion is more than just an exercise in vanity. Our fashion choices allow us to let the world know who we are, and who we are striving to be.

Everyone deserves a chance to express themselves through fashion. Unfortunately, for women who dress conservatively, supply is limited, expensive, and often outdated.


Modanisa bridges the gap between style and modesty.

In 2011, Modanisa created an innovative fashion platform designed to honor women's values and individuality while providing them a place to cultivate their own expression through fashion. Modanisa serves customers in 140+ countries, offers 70,000 items of stylish modest clothing, and has been recognized by Vanity Fair, Elle, and Vogue. Not to mention, Modanisa co-created a well-needed fashion movement in 2016 with Modest Fashion Week.

Driven “to meet modest women's desires to wear the clothes that fit the life and times they live in," Modanisa turned to performance marketing to further accelerate customer growth.

In February 2021, Modanisa launched their performance marketing program with Everflow, and was introduced to proven partners via the EF Match program. Through just two EF Match intros, Modanisa was able to generate an additional $150,000 in revenue in less than six months.

Let’s dive into how EF Match partnerships created this new revenue stream for Modanisa.

Effort + Execution = Stronger Partnerships

Modanisa’s plan with Everflow included EF Match, a solution designed to create long-term, revenue-producing partnerships for Everflow clients.

Though competing performance marketing platforms have similar solutions, such as owned and operated marketplaces, results can be underwhelming. Marketplaces seem like an ideal route to growing a business through partnerships, offering easy access to hundreds of potential new partners. In actuality, partners get overrun with requests and begin to tune out valid opportunities, while lack of guidance crumbles potential partnerships before they can ever get started.

More partners doesn’t necessarily equate to more revenue, as it’s genuine connections that make partnerships flourish. This quality over quantity approach is the foundation of EF Match.

Part of Everflow Plus, EF Match provides clients with a dedicated account manager who will get to know the product, provide campaign guidance for standing out amongst your competition, and lead discussions about performance goals and the potential roadblocks to reaching them.

The EF Match AM then gets to work on finding partners that can immediately contribute to scaling the client’s program. Be it a brand, performance network, or other publisher, all matches have established relationships with Everflow and have been approved for EF Match due to their successful track records.

The final step in EF Match is what separates Everflow from other partner marketplaces…

Each time an EF Match AM discovers a potential growth partner for a client, they will pitch the client to the potential EF Match partner.

EF Match AMs handle pitching the client’s product and the associated partner programs on each side, and ultimately provide very warm, direct introductions and thoughtful advice for quick and effective launching.

Past Success Predicts Future Success

Two EF Match partners were introduced to Modanisa in February 2021, creating a new, six-figure revenue stream in less than six months. Let’s meet Modanisa’s new partners…

Though Modanisa still continues to receive aligned partners through EF Match (EF Match is a lifetime account service), two partners made an immediate revenue impact near the beginning of their program launch.

For confidentiality reasons, I can’t give you the names of these partners. However, I can provide a description of each partner.

Partner A
is a major rewards-based marketing company with partners such as DoorDash, Macy’s, and Partner A was introduced to Modanisa due to their success with quickly generating new customers for brands on a global scale.

Partner B
is an established advertising network that specializes in creating quality content and was introduced to Modanisa due to their ability to create brand buzz. Partner B works with big names like JCPenney, Vodafone, and Marriott.

Though their resumes were impressive, these new EF Match partners ha d to deliver results to validate the relationship for both the partners and Modanisa.

Here’s how direct introductions to the right partners jumpstarted performance marketing as a revenue source…

Teamwork Made The Dream Work

Central to EF Match’s foundation, only partners that align with Modanisa’s mission and products were introduced. Once on board, these partners had the skill sets to produce.

Upon being directly introduced by their EF Match AM, both partner A and partner B quickly generated significant sales for Modanisa.

In less than six months:

Partners A & B generated over $150,000 in new sales for Modanisa.

This type of rapid growth through partnerships can only be achieved when thoughtful, synergistic partnerships are created.

The team at Modanisa credits the hand-picked partners from EF Match for driving results faster for their program.

According to Berk Boyacigil, Regional Director at Modanisa:

“Everflow’s EF Match boosted our business as soon as we started to work with them, with Everflow’s dedicated account partner manager helping us bring in partners that knew how to program and sell our unique brand,” states Boyacigil.

Partners A and B are just two of many of the valuable partnerships EF Match has helped Modanisa to build, and their performance program continues to flourish through EF Match.

Better Partnerships = Steady Growth

Modanisa is currently working with their EF Match AM to optimize program growth and develop more difference-making partnerships.

With EF Match, partnership introductions are a standing priority, with direct intros being made any time an EF AM discovers a potential match for a client.

Ongoing curated partner introductions means that Modanisa continues to reap their growth benefits while cultivating mutually beneficial relationships.

“We put a great deal of effort behind the clothes we offer at Modanisa, ensuring these clothes make our clients look and feel good. Just because something is a good deal, doesn’t mean we will sell it. Everflow takes the same approach with the partners that they bring to us, only introducing us to partners who are the right fit to sell our clothes,” adds Boyacigil.

Get Started Today

Modanisa is always looking for affiliates and influencers to promote their impressive collection of modest clothing. You can check out Modanisa’s performance marketing program via this link.

Ready to see how fast your business can scale with Everflow and EF Match?

Everflow currently works with over 850 clients, providing smarter partner management and tracking technology. We’d love a chance to show you how our team and solutions like EF Match can help your business scale rapidly.

Click here to schedule a demo with our team.

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