Master Pay-Per-Call with the Right Platform and Strategy

As consumers go digital and become more dependent on their mobile devices, Pay-Per-Call continues to be at the forefront of key performance marketing channels
Michael Cole
March 29, 2023

As consumers go digital and become more dependent on their smartphones, Pay-Per-Call continues to be at the forefront of key performance marketing channels.

To be successful with Pay-Per-Call, as either a brand or marketer, you need the right platform for ensuring the calls are tracked and monitored for quality.

When considering potential platforms for Pay-Per-Call, Invoca should be at the top of the list. As the leader in the space, they have over a decade of being at the forefront of call tracking.

If you’re planning to do Pay-Per-Call right, you can learn a lot from Aragon Advertising, which has been repeatedly rated as the #1 Pay-Per-Call Ad Network by mThink, Their early success and continued growth has continued by working closely with Invoca as their call tracking platform of choice.

Aragon started considering Everflow for click tracking in 2018, after seeing a demo of the platform and being introduced to an array of features that would help grow their business. When they began considering migrating to Everflow, they knew that the most essential piece would be for Everflow to first build an Invoca integration.

Who is Aragon?

Founded in 2012, Aragon Advertising is an award-winning performance marketing agency with core specialties in affiliate marketing, lead generation and pay-per-call verticals.

With more than four years of continued success and growth they’ve proven the market opportunity around Pay-Per-Call. From their humble roots as an Affiliate Network, they’ve expanded to their own tech solutions, owned and operated sites, direct offers and full media buying team. This diversification has helped them stay relevant and empathetic to the needs of both their Advertisers and Affiliates, as they are right next to them in the trenches.

Their early success came from being able to promote offers from top tier brands, which they were able to access through Invoca’s syndication features.

What makes Aragon so special?

Businesses from all over the world trust Aragon to bring them qualified leads, reach their perfect customers and increase conversion rates.

“Aragon takes the time to ensure goals are in-line with both Advertisers and Publishers with the intention of creating long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships where both sides succeed.”

A huge differentiator is their customer service, walking the entire process with their Advertisers and Affiliates at every turn. With Aragon, they consider themselves an extension of their Advertiser’s teams. And their dedication to bringing real customers, real conversions with real results has made them a force to be reckoned with.

What about Invoca and Aragon? What’s the deal?

Working with Invoca’s AI-powered call tracking and conversational analytics platform helps Aragon deliver real-time call analytics, based on data generated before, during, and after a phone conversation, that their clients can use to make informed decisions.

“Invoca already works with some of the most well-respected brands. Their technology is strong, they have a reliable infrastructure (calls don’t get dropped, blocked by carriers) and they spent a lot of resources building fraud protection for keeping Advertisers safe.”
- Eric Famoso, Aragon Advertising

One of Invoca’s most valuable features is syndication. Through syndication, Advertisers are able to provide marketing experts, like Aragon, with access to their campaigns. Approved Partners are able to pull call tracking phone numbers from Invoca and drive calls for the Advertiser’s campaigns, earning payouts for quality traffic.

Why did they choose Everflow?

Aragon has been using Everflow’s all-in-one platform for managing both their click tracking, and their pay-per-call data. They drive performance for their Advertisers though tracking links, tracking phone numbers or without links using Direct Linking.

They decided to migrate to Everflow for all of the advanced features that would help them continue to build on their successes. Everflow offered them a better solution that continues to evolve and keep up with major changes in the industry, including: ITP & GDPR.

“We appreciate how seriously Everflow takes our feature requests. They built the core features we needed to switch to them, and have continued to support our additional requests. The ability to build exactly what we need for our partners has really created a fantastic relationship.”
- Eric Famoso, Aragon Advertising

Initially, Everflow had no functionality nor integration with Invoca. However, the Everflow customer specialist team worked tirelessly to quickly bridge that gap. Aragon is now able to see the call record IDs, which makes it easier to zero in on any reporting discrepancies. The synced report helps them quickly and painlessly compare transaction records to find where any issues are occurring.

“There was a lot of time invested upfront, many meetings with itemized actions to ensure we were properly prepared. The migration was as smooth as can be expected. We didn’t see any drops in performance or have any outages which was really impressive considering how large our migration was.”
- Eric Famoso, Aragon Advertising

The partnerships with Everflow and Invoca armed Aragon with actionable data for optimizing their campaign’s performance.They’ve managed to continue to grow their business during the entire process, and be supported with ongoing feature improvements that leaves the future looking bright.

Pay-Per-Call requires the right platform and strategy

If you’re getting into Pay-Per-Call, there are huge advantages to Invoca’s reach and reputation. As an Advertiser, you can syndicate to their world-class Partners, including Aragon, or as a Publisher, you can have direct access to Invoca’s respected brand customers.

When considering building a full Partner program, it’s critical that you take it one step further by choosing the right platform for managing your relationships. Tracking and managing each channel separately leads to continued battles regarding attribution and what drives real value. Effective performance marketing requires the right mix of channels, and you need to be able to determine granular ROI and engagement to see what is working or not working. Learn from Aragon.

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