Leveraging The Creator Economy To Drive Results with Evan Heby

Michael Cole

Michael's Thoughts On This Chat

I'm fascinated by the intersection of B2B, influencers, and how it's continuing to gain steam and drive results.

In our webinar with Evan Heby of Tipalti we went on a deep dive into the creator economy, who is using this as a growth engine, and how to scale these relationships.

One of Tipalti's really cool internal initiatives is around building relationships with influencers that reach different communities. These relationships let them reach verticals where they can offer a ton of value, but those businesses aren't actively seeking a solution and may not realize they even have a problem yet.

As we talked about in our chat, motivating influencers to work with your brand takes giving them an offering that they can authentically promote. If there is authenticity, and you can help elevate the influencer’s personal brand, these relationships can open up new market beachheads.

One of the great things about B2B influencers is that this authenticity piece is especially easy as there is natural alignment.

I've been obsessing about metadata.io for the past week because Dave Gerhardt both has a consulting relationship with them and just interviewed their CEO for their podcast. If this was a DTC relationship between brand and influencer, I might lose trust, but in B2B I actually trust it more; because B2B is all about these interconnected business relationships.

We're still in the early stages of pipeline-driving B2B marketing revolving around partnerships, influencers, and creators. It's coming fast though, and all of the exciting companies I follow are either partnering or building up their own influencers.

Still figuring out our own playbook here though.

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