Leveraging Long Tail Keywords To Drive eCommerce Traffic with Pierre-Olivier Danhaive

Michael Cole

Michael's Thoughts On This Chat

Yelp has one of the best SEO strategies in the world: When you search for a restaurant, you always run into Yelp. Their product pages naturally rank - they are hyper-relevant to the niche keyword of the restaurant name and filled with matching content.

Can you apply this concept to your business?

Pierre-Olivier Danhaive kicked off our chat with a power move: "Nobody knows anything about SEO."

Rather than trying to decrypt every change Google makes, they built Verbolia towards solving what they know Google will always want - relevant content for each search.

Their SEO solution provides eCommerce companies with the ability to massively generate hyper-relevant niche pages.

What does that actually look like?

Creating long tail category pages around the specific terms people may search, for example, 2021 Adidas women's shoes in red.

The more long tail the keyword - the easier it is to rank up quickly. Not to mention, anyone who searches that term has an extremely high buyer intent, so the conversion rate will massively outperform more general searches.

His recommendation for when this strategy makes sense is when you have at least 3000 products in your feed, but each 'product' could be minor variations in colors, sizes, etc.

As marketers, it's our job to keep searching and testing for the flywheels that consistently drive customers. How can you build your own scalable long-tail strategy?

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