How To Maximize The Value Of Social Media Ads

Social media platforms are powerful channels in terms of ad spend and ROI. Here, we take a look at how Everflow effortlessly supports your social media marketing strategy.
Ashley Carrow
March 29, 2023

To truly understand the value of any of your marketing channels, you need to understand the full picture. 

Sure, leads are rolling in, but will these new customers stay with you? What will their LTV be? Will they evangelize your brand?

The first step is understanding what your goals are. 

When you know what your goals are, you’re able to keep your eyes on the right prizes. 

For example, in lead gen, you’re optimizing toward data points like “lead submitted” and “lead approved,” using different values in Google Ads as you track every user event on the journey. The engagement events that a user is associated with provide a solid glimpse into the intentions of that customer.

Arriving at this full-picture perspective requires complex tracking and innovative reporting solutions. As capturing real-time granular data from social platforms is otherwise tricky (and in many cases impossible), the easy-to-execute solutions we’ve designed for Everflow are invaluable. 

Everflow offers a clear view into the performance driving your highest quality customers across all of your major channels, from affiliate to media buying. We’ve also built simple integrations with the biggest social platforms out there, including Facebook, Google, Instagram, and TikTok

Let’s dive into how Everflow easily supports your social media efforts.


Our Facebook Conversions API integration was a first for Partner Marketing platforms. This setup allows for stronger FB campaigns with better data, speed, and the ability to track offline events – without relying on third-party cookies (which will soon be obsolete).

If you or your partner are buying media on Facebook, we can push your conversion data into Facebook Ads Manager. This gives you the critical ability to optimize campaigns inside Facebook Ads Manager. 

The Partner's Guide to Facebook Attribution is an easy read (less than ten minutes) and walks you through each step of the integration. Or, check out our video tutorial. 


Google Ads is a massive component of Everflow’s marketing strategy, so we’re quite proud of the added value our platform brings to it, and the synergy with which Everflow and Google Ads work. 

If you’re buying media on Google, we can push your conversion data into Google Ads. Since real-time granular event data is not available with Google Ads alone, this is a game changer. Everflow’s solution enhances your Google Ads platform possibilities from the start.

Being able to analyze clicks and conversions quickly, and actively improve performance, is invaluable to Google Ads spend. It’s really not a "set it and forget it" platform, as it requires daily analysis, testing, and optimization. In other words, SEM campaigns require active day-to-day management to generate long-term solid results.

“Not only do you get real-time conversion data (which you cannot obtain with Google Ads' traditional online dashboard), but also comprehensive click and conversion data with the gclid,” explains Everflow Demand Generation Manager Julian Willis.  

The ability to capture the actual paid search keywords that drive high-quality conversions that are associated with high-quality, engaged users is crucial for effective optimization on the Google Ads side.


With platforms like Instagram continuing to grow at unprecedented rates, it’s imperative to have a seamless solution in place. Anyone from an international brand to a one-man-show can advertise there, and it happens to be pretty effective.

Since campaign links can be placed directly on your IG stories, tracking is as simple as can be.

You’re up and running just as soon as your story is live with your campaign link. When people tap on the link, they’ll be redirected.


If you’re buying media on TikTok, we can push your conversion data into TikTok Ads Manager, giving you the critical ability to optimize campaigns inside TikTok Ads Manager.

Like with Facebook Ads, the fact that this data can also be passed directly into other ad platforms opens up a massive amount of opportunities for scaling with media buying affiliates.

TikTok is on track to quickly become one of the most lucrative channels in history, surpassing Facebook and Instagram in cost value for brands. 


When it comes to tracking, more data is usually better. Having solutions in place that can keep you informed about what’s working and what’s not allows you to work more effectively.

If you would like to discuss your social media tracking with the Everflow team, feel free to contact us for a demo today!

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