Panicking Over Parameters? Everything Performance Marketers Need To Know About iOS17 Privacy Changes

Article for performance marketers about how recent iOS17 privacy changes will effect campaign tracking.
Tony Cohn
December 18, 2023

In September 2023, Apple released iOS17 which included Link Tracking Protection (LTP), a feature that adds an increased level of security to shared links. LTP strips links shared on certain Apple-based browsers and properties of specific tracking parameters.

This situation seems pretty scary for all of us in the performance marketing space, as LTP could remove key parameters that we use to track our campaigns.

LTP will not impact your Everflow partner tracking for affiliate, influencer, partner, or performance marketing campaigns.

Let’s break down how LTP works and why you’ll be able to continue business as usual with Everflow.

Which Apple Properties Are Affected?

Currently, LTP is in place for sharing links in privacy mode on Safari, in Messages, and in Apple’s Mail client.

What Happens To Shared Links?

When a link is shared on an Apple property that utilizes LTP, certain tracking parameters are removed from the shared link. Though the link will still reach its intended destination, the link recipient will receive a scaled-down link:

-Original Shared Link:

-LTP Received Link:

Which Parameters Are Removed? has the full list, but from a performance marketing lens, here are the most relevant parameters that will be removed by LTP when a link is shared: Google Click Identifier (GCLID), Facebook Click Identifier (FBCLID), and Microsoft Click ID (MSCLKID).

Will Losing These Parameters Kill My Campaign Tracking?

With Everflow, losing the above parameters will not affect your campaigns at all. LTP focuses on parameters from a few social media, CRM, email, and marketing tech companies, not the tracking parameters that you use to track performance campaigns (affid, source_id, sub2, etc.).

Note: Though our platform will still be able to track media buying activity, our media buying integrations will not be able to pass back conversion data on browsers utilizing LTP.

Why Did Apple Do This?

More users rely on ad blockers than ever before. LTP is simply a safety measure created by Apple to ensure that more users will feel they are in a secure (and ad-free) environment when using their properties.

Where Can I Get More Info?

Check out ​​iOS 17 & Apple's Link Tracking Protection (LTP) on the Everflow Helpdesk to get a deeper breakdown of our performance tracking parameters and LTP.

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