Directly Linking Advertising Performance To Intrigue and Urgency

Content marketing can be an extremely powerful way to drive growth. Through the creation and placement of high-quality content, Version Two takes users from one place to another (relevant) place as organically as possible. Read on for hints on how to build intrigue and urgency for effective native advertising.
Ashley Carrow
March 29, 2023

“Let’s just agree that whatever work we’re doing can always be improved upon.” 

That’s the philosophy behind Joe Williams’ agency, Version Two. Version Two does performance marketing for clients by way of relevant, compelling content. They produce powerful content and strategically place it so that users are steered in their clients’ direction.

During a recent fireside chat with Zach Measures, Joe shared about the journey of his company, and how its specialty is in the user’s journey. Primarily using native advertising, they take users from A to B as organically as possible.

Here are a few highlights around how they build the level of intrigue and sense of urgency necessary to drive growth:

Never stop testing. Joe says they split test everything. Determining the most effective headlines, images, and layout for certain users takes extensive testing. Now, more than ever, it’s imperative to create an experience that works well on mobile: a point we’ve heard countless experts emphasizing lately.

Continued testing, although potentially costly, leads to endless marginal gains. Constantly finding ways to improve engagement by even 1-5% using a different headline here or a different image there never stops adding up.

Work backwards. Whether the user is reading the news online or scrolling through their Facebook feed, the key is to stay cognizant of that particular journey. The ultimate goal is to guide the user to submitting the lead or other desired action, and Joe’s team aims to do this as sympathetically as possible. This takes a real understanding of where their ad placements will show up and what will be the user’s experience prior to seeing that ad.

Invest in your tech stack. Joe emphasized the importance of a good landing page builder. Although it might sound basic, it’s extremely valuable for keeping your clients’ sites loading quickly, especially on mobile.

Furthermore, he reinforced that a strong, reliable tracking system like Everflow is essential for ensuring that hard-earned marketing dollars are spent well and will continue to benefit future clients. Measuring performance, not only at the campaign level, but at each and every sub ID level allows you to determine value by connection type, device type, location, and more, or by custom identifiers like “ad ID” or “site ID”. Tracking everything allows you to really break down what’s working and what’s not, instead of just focusing on a final CPA goal. 

"The direct linking functionality has been a game changer." – Joe Williams

Use Direct Linking effectively - Version Two implemented Everflow’s Direct Linking functionality across their clients’ pages allowing them to send users directly to those sites without any redirects interrupting the user experience. Thanks to Direct Linking tracking similar to Google Analytics, they now have a seamless way to track their campaigns across all of their media platform buys. 

As Version Two inherently reminds us through its name, there is always room for growth. If you’re looking to enhance the intrigue and increase the sense of urgency with your customers, send an email to to see if a partnership might be a good fit.

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