Case Study: View-Through with YellowHammer Media Group

Everflow enables View-Through Attribution, which unlocks the power of programmatic channels to drive results through audience & placement data.
Michael Cole
March 29, 2023

Everflow enables View-Through Attribution, which unlocks the power of programmatic channels to drive results through audience & placement data.

YHMG (YellowHammer Media Group) was looking for a platform to provide View-Through Attribution (VTA) for their performance channels, and decided on Everflow for meeting their needs. They chose Everflow due to how easy it was to integrate with the platform, the affordable pricing, and responsive support team for any of their requests.

Leveraging View-Through Attribution opens up a plethora of opportunities for YHMG, and had cemented itself as a crucial part of their business. They found that enabling VTA provides access to more data points, allowing them to make better decisions for optimization. These additional data points have let them test and scale new channels that didn’t show cost-effective results when only evaluating performance with Click-Through Attribution (CTA).

Adding VTA Drives Results:

For one of YHMG’s home decor clients, on over 1,000 delivered purchases, they saw about 60% of conversions coming from VTA. Having access to this additional attribution data allowed them to focus on channels that were driving the greatest ROI for this client.

Their biggest finding from enabling VTA, was that it was key to unlocking performance from programmatic display channels. They found that targeting the best placements, even with layered on audience data, didn’t generate enough results with only CTA. As soon as they enabled VTA, they had the data and attribution needed to prove that these channels delivered both the right customers and massive ROI for their clients. VTA has opened up their ability to identify the most optimal channels for generating new customers for their clients.

“It is essential for brands to begin looking beyond last click attribution. Being able to report on view through conversions in addition to click through conversions, gives a more nuanced view of the customer conversion cycle. We’ve consistently been able to unlock more channels and achieve better results by including View-Through Attribution.” said Andrew Hirsch, VP of Client Services at YHMG.

“We built Everflow to meet the needs of performance marketers, which we experienced while growing and selling the Ad Network, Moolah Media. We see View-Through Attribution as a critical piece for marketers wanting to expand their channels past Facebook and Google.” says Sam Darawish, CEO of Everflow. “YellowHammer Media Group continues to prove itself by being at the forefront of driving results-focused media buying and success for their clients.”

View-Through Attribution is vital for collecting all of the necessary data points needed to find the best channels and customers. VTA has been a core feature that both Google and Facebook use to generate results for their customers, and this attribution is important for empowering agencies to find new customers for their clients.

YellowHammer Media Group:
If you’d like to learn more about YellowHammer Media Group, or if you’re looking for a a performance agency partner, YHMG delivers stunning results through media buying across social, search, display, native, video and mobile.

If you’d like a Performance Marketing Management Platform that empowers you with View-Through Attribution, easy-to-use granular reporting on every metric, and 24–7 in-platform Customer Support: See a demo and get your Free Trial from Everflow here.

Questions about Everflow? Email us at marketing@everflow.io

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