Agency Spotlight: All Inclusive Marketing

Our Partner Spotlight series interviews experts from our killer network of agency partners and highlights their impact in the field of partner marketing.
Tony Cohn
December 4, 2023

Our Partner Spotlight series interviews experts from our killer network of agency partners and highlights their impact in the field of partner marketing.

This month, we caught up with Charlie Calabrese from All Inclusive Marketing (AIM).

Charlie joined AIM as its president in Q3 2023, having previously held prominent positions at, Awin, and most recently Partnerize. With his remarkable track record spanning 15 years, Charlie’s appointment aligns seamlessly with AIM’s mission and vision, emphasizing innovation, strategic thinking, and data-driven insights.

Q: How did you get started in the world of affiliate/partner marketing? 

While I have just started at AIM this year, I’ve been great friends with Sarah Bundy, Founder and CEO, for as long as I can remember. She sought out to bring what most of us love about affiliate/partner marketing to her agency –  and that’s the relationships it thrives on. As for me, it's the same. With business, it's all about the people you get to know and building trust and affiliate marketing allowed me to explore that aspect.

Q: What is All Inclusive Marketing? 

AIM is an affiliate marketing agency; however, we like to think we’re more like your trusted growth partner. Committed to excellence, integrity, and tailored solutions, we address affiliate marketing challenges for brands and companies and strengthen their digital presence. From full-service program management to in-depth consultations, we’re equipped to take your affiliate program to the next level.

Q: Why should a brand consider working with a partner marketing agency? 

Brands often opt to launch their programs internally. However, in-house management of an affiliate program can prove demanding in terms of time and resources, particularly when new to affiliate marketing.

Working with an agency can be exactly what a brand needs for several reasons:

  • While there is an initial investment, the overall expense of an agency is often lower than establishing an in-house team. Agencies, like AIM, offer services at a more cost-effective rate, encompassing savings on salaries, benefits, and overhead expenses that would otherwise be incurred in the recruitment, training, and maintenance of an internal team.

  • Agency expertise is a significant advantage. For example, our team is comprised of affiliate marketing strategists and specialists with years of industry experience (75+ years combined), offering a wealth of knowledge in industry norms, emerging trends, and established partnerships with top affiliates. This depth of experience equips brands with optimal approaches for a successful affiliate marketing program.

  • An agency's extensive network proves invaluable. The ability to identify the right affiliate partners aligned with specific goals is crucial for program success, and as an agency, we leverage our established industry connections to facilitate these partnerships. In addition to human networks, agencies provide access to advanced affiliate tracking tools and analytics software, ensuring that brands are equipped with the latest technology to enhance their programs.

  • Scalability must be taken into consideration. As a brand's affiliate program grows, agencies are adept at handling larger volumes and campaigns swiftly, preventing the program from losing momentum or becoming unsustainable.

Q: What types of brands do you work with?

We work with a variety of different brands across a multitude of verticals. However, we do have a strong focus on the B2B/SaaS, Travel/Hospitality, and Health/Lifestyle verticals.

Q: What types of services do you offer? 

We deliver top-tier services and expertise to global B2B and B2C brands, with a market focus in Canada and the United States. Our list of services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Full Program Management
  • Diversified Recruitment
  • B2B Lead Generation
  • Attribution and Analytics
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Program Migration

Q: What makes All Inclusive Marketing so innovative? 

Firstly, our approach is characterized by a commitment to tailor-made solutions, giving attention with intention. Unlike one-size-fits-all strategies, AIM excels at crafting bespoke affiliate marketing strategies and partnership programs that precisely align with the unique objectives and nuances of each client.

Secondly, our team is a powerhouse of industry expertise. AIM boasts a roster of seasoned affiliate marketing strategists and specialists, each bringing years of hands-on experience and a deep understanding of industry norms and emerging trends. 

We’re a tight-knit group and truly act as an extension of your own marketing team, paying attention to the details and nuances that make your brand uniquely successful already.

Lastly, AIM takes pride in its extensive network. Our team's strong industry connections empower us to identify and engage with the most suitable affiliate partners, as well as with the right technology, for our clients. This network, coupled with our market expertise in Canada and the United States, ensures that our clients access the right partnerships to drive their success. This, in turn, brings scalability into the mix as a differentiator. 

As a forward-looking agency, we are equipped to handle the rapid growth of affiliate programs, ensuring that our clients' initiatives not only succeed but also have the flexibility to expand seamlessly.

Q: What is one unexpected opportunity for brands to scale up their partner marketing efforts? 

One opportunity that comes to mind would be to leverage partnership marketing for multi-channel growth. There is so much overlap in partnership marketing – PR, influencer, ambassador, brand, paid, SEO, the list goes on and on. 

The greatest part of this opportunity lies in leveraging affiliate/partner marketing to help reach customers across the entire funnel with collaboration from all marketing channels. This ultimately lowers the cost per customer acquisition, allowing for new testing opportunities and overall brand growth. 

There really should be more brands looking to affiliate/partner marketing as a channel to help across the entire customer journey versus a more siloed marketing channel.

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