3 Reasons Performance Marketers Need A Financial Companion

Ashley Carrow

Performance marketing programs are often a prime example of just how quickly financial operations tend to become extremely complicated. This is something that Samir El-Sabini saw first hand prior to founding Juni, a Swedish fintech company serving the performance marketing ecosystem.

Having plenty of experience with media buying, Samir and his co-founders Anders Orsedal and Jonathan Sanders sought out to create a product that solves the problems that, for some media buyers, never seem to go away. Zach Measures had a chance to catch up with Samir for a fireside chat in which they discussed the three main finance woes that media buyers face.



  • Lack of liquidity. First comes cost, then comes revenue. This means that greater “success” doesn’t necessarily mean greater cash flow. When you have high performing campaigns, you’re likely pushing lots of money into them which leaves less money on hand. Whatever solution you come up with for covering spend brings about added administration. 

  • Scattered data. In the performance marketing space, growth often means increasing the number of partners you work with. When each partner has their own tech stack and finance tools, this typically results in more platform logins than even the most efficient finance team knows what to do with.

  • Manual labor. Reducing the energy allocated to manual processes is particularly important when working within the performance marketing ecosystem. A system that integrates with the platforms that house your financials means that your days of comparing receipts and invoices with Google Docs are over, and it significantly decreases the likelihood for error. Unifying different data platforms for real-time data collection increases the utility of that data by allowing for earlier identification of inconsistency or reconciliation.

To unify the moving parts, Juni aims to eventually provide (it’s still in the beta phase) a centralized resource that displays all finance-related data in real time while automating processes, offers capital with competitive interest rates, and provides valuable insights. If you think Juni might be a good fit for your performance marketing business and want to apply for use of their beta product, sign up at juni.co, or email Samir@juni.co.

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