2022 In Review: Everflow Releases and Reflections

In this post, we gathered a few reflections on some of our favorite features we released in 2022, in addition to some fun company stats we'd like to share with you!
Ashley Carrow
March 29, 2023

In 2022, marketers all over the world continued to leverage Everflow - The Smarter Partner Marketing Platform. Our incredible UX designers raised the bar with a completely revamped look and feel. Our beloved engineers developed features that were once just a pipe dream, and enhanced those we’ve long coveted. Our clients are thriving, and for that, we are thrilled to take on 2023 with the palpable momentum we’ve built together with all of your support. 

But, first, let’s recap the last year. Not *just* for the sake of nostalgia, but also because A LOT has happened. We don’t want you to miss out on any opportunities we’ve got waiting at your fingertips! 

Our Favorite Additions:

Network Portal Revamp (June 2022)

We completely revamped the UI for the Network Portal. With v3.0, we released a comprehensive redesign for the platform with enhanced usability after thorough testing processes, including beta users and live feedback calls, and extensive quality-assurance checks. And, we couldn’t be more gracious for the overwhelmingly-positive response we continue to receive from our community!

Google Ads Integration (July 2022)

We leveled up your Google Ads data with our beta integration. It’s no secret that GADs has incredible potential in terms of its reach and ability to drive results; however, not every conversion is created equal and GADS doesn't allow for understanding quality like Everflow does. Now, you can track your Google Ads performance in Everflow (including keywords and URL placements), and pass your conversion and event data back to Google Ads to make smarter optimizations.

Organic Tracking (August 2022)

We armed your organic traffic with the same performance data we provide for your paid channels. Organic traffic are the users that reach your website directly, without the help of advertisements or partners. And while Google Analytics is helpful for understanding your visitors, Everflow provides the invaluable insight it takes to optimize your overall effort. Now you can track this direct traffic and apply quality discoveries to establishing success metrics for your other partners’ and channels’ performance. [Check Out The Interactive Guide] 

Marketplace Upgrades (September 2022)

We made it even easier to make quality connections for growing your network! Many practical updates were made to the Everflow Marketplace. Identifying valuable partners has never been easier, as Marketplace now offers suggestions based on relevancy, and even allows for connections with hand-picked partners outside of the immediate Everflow community through the unified dashboard!

Major Security Updates (October 2022)

We added a whole new section to the platform in v3.0.1, called Security, which streamlines the secure management of API keys and their associated permissions. The process for creating, revoking and managing API keys has never been easier or more secure. 

Partner Portal Revamp (November 2022)

Once our clients found their footing with the upgraded platform, we released the revamp of the Partner Portal! From the fresh design and convenience upgrades to the more-configurable-than-ever Custom Card, we can’t stop gushing about it. Don’t forget - all of your partners must be migrated by the end of January 2023! [Migrate Partners Now]


  • We hosted our 3rd annual conference, Everflow Connect, in Toronto (in person! :)) 
  • We went to 28 conferences
  • Our customers operated their businesses from 60 different countries
  • We hosted 25 fireside chats and 9 webinars
  • Our Customer Success team participated in 14,526 chats with clients
  • We released 4 platform updates, including 50+ new features and integrations
  • Our customers had $2.5+ Billion in gross sales
  • We hired 21 new team members
  • We practiced yoga together 40 times

Wow! What a phenomenally-transformative year for Everflow! We’re so grateful to you - our community - and we are so excited to embark on the amazing year ahead in 2023!

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